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Realizing the power of positivity in your life will help you to initiate the creation of changing your day-to-day living to one of positivity! If you think of it like the other things you seem to ‘naturally’ do each day that are good for you; brush your teeth 🙂 get exercise 🙂 eat right 🙂 and so on, you will see the benefits of adding this action step into your routine.

Many of the words we use today have “baggage”. They have history, culture and many other weighing factors that go into their meaning. All of these factors can often lead to negative interpretations or emotions depending upon how the words are taken. Some of the changes are often due to language evolving. No longer does the Christmas carol Deck The Halls have one interpretation with the line “don we now are gay apparel… have but one meaning.

Significant Positive creations, like raising a responsible human take ten times the effort and energy to create. A Neutral one (not participating in a positive way to raise your kids) are actually a Negative and do between three and five times the damage thus also causing a ripple effect. Negatives however take ten times less effort and energy to achieve but do ten times the damage and thus create a huge Negative ripple effect, and sometimes even more. (PI)

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