Monthly Archives : July 2013

One proven exercise from positive psychology is the mental scrapbook exercise. The idea is to create a mental scrapbook in your head of times when you were happy, proud, excited, and/or confident – recollections that involve a variety of positive emotional experiences. That way, when you want to access a particular positive feeling to enhance the emotional quality of the present moment, you simply have to pull up that photo in your mental scrapbook to bring about the emotion you want.

New / made up words are needed to create a better foundation of positivity, to balance the huge 10:1 ratio of negative to positive words in our vocabulary and also to better express positive ideas, feelings and actions. New PosiWords will also create words to describe that which has no word to adequately express the idea. New PosiWords will also add synonyms and emphasis a higher degree of positivity than existing words. It may be a completely new word or also be made up of one or more words combined with each other or a prefix or suffix.

Famtabulous – combining Fantastic and Fabulous to have both a fantastic and fabulous feeling. To express and over the top feeling of feeling out of the ordinary fantastic or fabulous.

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