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Sure you’ve heard this before and I’m sure you will hear you over again, however this time it’s really your chance to make a huge impact in your life. One little goal, one little habit changed, one little thing can impact your whole life. I am sure if we reflect back into some aspects of your life, you will find this statement above true, one thing/event impacted your life, as small as it might have been or as big as it might have been, you were changed.

1. Characterized by positive comprehension of the parts of something as interconnected and explicable as positivity impacts the whole

2. Characterized by implementation of Positivity of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and physical.

3. Characterized by implementation of Positivity at all times and in all places so as to be omnipresent.

Comedy is widely considered something positive but if we look more critically at the types of comedy and humour, it is possible to see a distinction between what can be considered positive humour and negative humour. Positive humour is usually good-natured and universally funny regardless of your background or place in society. Negative humour is usually that which requires an unwilling and/or unwitting target or butt of a joke.

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