The imperative need for Positive Music.

Positive Music Imperative

Positive Music Imperative Mission

The Positive Music Imperative is a collaborative collective, social enterprise, creating a legacy through the creation of positive music, and by educating people around the world about the role and importance of Positive Music in being an agent for personal, community and global change.  Positive Music Imperative web site. 


pmilogo_colorOur mandate is to both create and positive music as well as to educate the importance of Positive Music and its ability to change people, communities and the world like no other force we know.   That’s the Positive Music Imperative.




Positive Music or PosiMusic

Positive Music is a foundation of living and embracing holistic positivity. 

As a society we are now more aware than ever that the food we eat is either Positive, (sustaining positive health) or Neutral or Negative, (sustaining negative health). We are also aware that the environment we live in, the books we read and words we say will also fill our minds with Positivity or not. So too we need to be conscious that music has the same outcome. That notion that we need a stead diet of Positive Music or PosiMusic is a very important and large one and we will spend a long time and great deal of energy to create that conversation.

“If You Want To Change Your Life; Change Your Mind ! “If Your Want to Change Your Mind; Change Your Music !

Bob Proctor“Bob Proctor ~ The Secret

In the Movie The Secret, part of the notion of the Positive Imperative, is really “More of This” Positivity “Less of That” Negativity. Our purpose for the Positive Music Imperative PMI, is‚ “More of this”, Positive, motivational values based music.

So if music is Positive, Neutral and Negative, why is that so important?  We if you take negative music and relate it to the PosiRatio, you will know that neutrals have a multiplying factor of 5 and negatives have a multiplying factor of 10.  So when you listen to a song that may enable you to a negative soap opera of your life it can to quite a number on your head.

It must be stated that in general all music is Positive unless it insights violence etc. however to visit a cathartic song is one thing, to have that song on a current playlist of a radio station that you listen to may mean that you actually hear that song 20 to 40 times a week and a melodrama hit by an artist like Odell (as great as her music is) may hit your ears a thousand times before the year is out.

“We could have had it all, you’re gonna wish you had never met me Rolling in the Deep ~ Adele

Is there a possible positive interpretation of that song. absolutely…..

“Throw your soul through every open door, count your blessings to find what you look for turned my treasure into gold”

So at issue is the part of the song you hang on to and how you feel each and every time you listen to it… if you feel empowered…great, if you reminisce and wallow in pain over a past relationship, over and over and over again which is my bet that a good chunk of the songs lovers do, then it can be very negative, and have residual effect in your day long after you the song came and went.

“People worry about kids playing with guns, and teenagers watching violent videos; we are scared that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands – literally thousands – of songs about broken hearts and rejection and pain and misery and loss.”  ~ Nick HornbyHigh Fidelity

A simple anecdote of how music plays out in your life!

So each time you turn on the radio, the music takes you on a journey, and quite often you don’t pick the destination.  What’s more is it may high-jack you from where you were going.  As A VP of sales, you’re driving to the yearly national sales meeting where you are going to try and pump up 200 of your best sales types, but all of a sudden Desperado by the Eagles comes on and instantly you thinkg of the worst break up of your life,, and you arrive in a funk, and try as you might you just can’t get back to where you were, but you’re PosiMusic aware, and you grab your Ipod run into the men’s room and blast 4 minutes of Flashdance by Irene Cara, and now indeed you’re ready to make your passion happen, you’re pumped and you go out and nail your presentation.


“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ~ Bono

For a more indepth conversation about Posimusic go the “What Is Posimusic/ Positive Music page.


Victor Sinclair

Victor Sinclair informal_lPositive Imperative (PI) / Positive Music Imperative (PMI) Founder




7 Responses to “About the Positive Music Imperative (PMI & PosiMusic)”

Victor Crowl January 27, 2009

Hey All!

I think this is a great new website for positive music around the world!

I love what Mr. Sinclair has set out to do…..

I know in my life positive music has helped me a lot. In some of the hardest times I had growing up, these songs helped me feel connected and motivated to keep going on, and that I wasn’t alone.

I have to start of with the great songs of the Motown era. Starting with the first song to identify father absent homes like “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” ~ Temptations a great friendship song like “I’ll be there” ~ Jackson 5 ~ two fantastic inspiring songs: “Ant No Mountain High Enough” and “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” ~ Diana Ross & The Supremes, and of course that social protest song, “What’s Going On” ~ by the incredible late great Marvin Gay! Other songs that I loved included, “Under Pressure” ~ Queen, “Friends” ~ Elton John, and “What The World Need Now” ~ Jackie DeShannon. I agree with Victor for his choice of the number one positive song on his list, by John Lennon ~ “Imagine”. These are just some of the songs that have impacted me the most!

Bless you all with peace, joy, health, love and prosperity!

Victor Crowl
Singer/Songwriter/Filmmaker/Producer/Writer/Motivational speaker/Mentor
Smile Music & Film Productions Ltd.

Shannon Campbell May 3, 2009

Hey folks….. two words…. “SIMPLY BRILLIANT”

I love music, and just about any kinds of music but I have always used music as a tool to keep me in a state of positivity.

The concept is so simple and really almost impossible to argue. We care about the food we put into our bodies and we’ve certainly learned about the words we put into our mind…. then why don’t we teach our kids or ourselves for that matter, that it’s the exact same thing when it comes to music.

It’s not a case that this song is good and that one is bad although that may be true to one person’s point of view, when it comes right down to it just about all music is good when put into the realm of art…. but here’s the catch.

I have had two really bad break-ups with x’s one a little more than a year ago and my first flame about seven years ago. In both cases my x and I loved music, went to concerts and sometimes our whole lives revolved around music….. that’s great but the problem is that there’s a whole soundtrack of music that goes with those breakups and every time I hear a James Blunt, Collective Sould, Coldplay, U2, REM, ….. well you get the point, my mind gets hijacked. There’s almost no way I can stay in the present and almost always my mind goes back to something we were doing or some place we were…. sometimes it’s an hour later before I know I hit my detour.

So my remedy was to program my Ipod with a whole bunch of songs like Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield and Ben Harper’s With These Hands, to pump me up and keep me focused on where I am and where I want to be….. this blog is now getting me to think about making sure I plan even more positive music throughout the day. We’ve always said garbage in equals garbage out…. good songs in equals good feelings and productivity out….. that works for me. Try it… it will work for you too!

Keep spreading the word and educating people, the world need more of this than ever before.

Shannon Campbell
Chicago Il

Lizet Oviedo September 23, 2009

Congrats , Vic . I love your blog . I am glad you continue your mission to motivate and inspire people . I love music and what you said is very true .. we need to check out what type of music we are listening to .Music has a therapeutic use to heal mental and stress diseases,For example : Brain light machines use for treatment of stress etc . Listening to happy music help us to cheer up and have a positive approach to life .. Music is a brainwashing in a positive way ! .

'tude vox Ro January 4, 2010

Thank you for this site. It is exciting to see more and more people realize the power of music.

I’ve been studying “consciousness evolution” since I was a young child. Universal law made more sense to me than my religion of birth: Catholicism. I’ve loved to sing since before I can remember. As a high school student, I was in the musical “Godspell”. The experience was awesome. I always love a good standing ovation (who wouldn’t?) but this was different.

Fast forward a couple of decades – selected for a community theater presentation of “Jesus Christ Superstar” – that I loved since seeing the movie in the early 70’s. I got the same experience as in “Godspell” but no other show. Ah-ha! I finally ‘got it’. I love singing uplifting and inspiring words to cool music!

Less than 10 years ago, I hadn’t heard of “positive music” but I knew I wanted to make it. Now, because of people like you and sites like this, every day people can use the power of music to improve their life. Thank you.

Sunny April 21, 2010

Great website. I’m so glad Linda brought it to my attention. I hope you don’t mind that I pilfered a couple videos and put them on my own blog. I have been collecting motivational quotes and videos and have a number posted at http://www.startlivingthedream.com
Maybe there’s something there that you will like too.
Also, when I’m feeling a little less grateful than I know I should sometimes, I like to listen to Delbert McClinton sing “Sending Me Angels”. It reminds me of all the magical folks who have passed through my life, always at exactly the right time. You can find the mp3 and lyrics at http://www.startlivingthedream.com as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynn Saldanha May 7, 2010

Wonderful work, Victor, and you are in the right place to do it – Toronto!! Where peace was laid, and from where it should begin again and has by you!

You can count me “in”!

Mark Vice June 12, 2010

I love it! Great idea, great blog. You’re making a difference! Well done!

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