Accept ~ Having a Positive Day – Sara Westbrook

 Having a Positive Day, and overcoming the negatives that if you’re not careful can capture your mind.  ~ Accept a Poem by Sara Westbrook
Sara Westbrook, UPower, Positive ImperativeLast week when I met my mum for lunch she handed me a folder and said, ‘Read this.’ I opened the folder and there it was – a collection of speeches, stories and poems I had written when I was younger. It’s always nice to take a ‘read’ down memory lane. In my ‘read’ I found a poem I wrote when I was 12. I can still remember writing it and then going to my Mum’s office to type it in good copy. When my mum read my poem, she loved it so much that she bought a beautiful black frame and hung it in our hallway.
Funny how a poem I wrote at 12 still resonates with me at 31.
Hope it does the same for you!
Everyone has a bad day once in awhile –
One of those days when you just don’t smile.
Be aware of what’s going on and push the frown away
Accept everyone for who they are and live in today.
You can’t change anyone as much as you try
You can only change you, so say goodbye –
Say goodbye to the worries that go on in your head

Sara Westbrook, Positive Imperative

Think of fun memories, friends and laughter instead.
You may not like what people say to you and you may wonder why
But some people have to do that just to get by
You see some people aren’t okay with who they are
They have to tear you down because you’re better by far.
You may not understand right now or today
But you really should absorb what I have to say
Some people do things as a joke and others know it’s wrong
But whatever is going on stay sturdy and strong.
There are thousands of good reasons not to choose the bad.
There are hundreds and hundreds of happy things to stop our sad.
We can be so narrow minded and stuck in our stuff
Instead of looking at the situation and acting rather tough.
Get up from your pity party and take on the day
Before you spend your whole life thinking and wasting away.
Sara Westbrook 1993 ©
Accept, Accepting, Sara Westbrook, Positive Imperative

This has been my voice but I respect that this is your life, this is your choice.

Sara Westbrook

UPower_bnrbSara Westbrook is an international singer / songwriter / speaker. Sara created UPower® concerts, motivational concerts designed to let people, especially youth, know they have the ability to make powerful choices that will create a positive impact no matter what the circumstance. Each song Sara writes contains a life skill. Through the power of speech and music Sara takes people on a journey.

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