Apathy, a system wide failure threatening humanities thrive-ability ~ By Sue Rumack


As we progress through the second half of this decade and the World seems to put up with more wars, conflicts and does nothing about it but gridlock in confusion is the idea of Apathy and a system-wide failure really hit the nail on the head.  Positive Imperative blogger and Author Sue Rumack examines the subject of Apathy from history to its contemporary context.


Apathy defined in one word is indifference.  The ancient Greek translation of the word “pathy” means “feeling”, add the prefix – A as in apathy and your word means “without feelings”.  Alternatively, add the prefix – “Em” and the word means “inside feelings” Therefore empathy and apathy are emotional opposites.  

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Elie Wiesel wrote this article’s opening quote.  He was a survivor of the Nazi death camps of WWII.  The law of averages suggests that he should not have survived.  The law of survivor averages further suggests that he should have been bitter, vengeful, and insane from the horror he lived through as an impressionable young person but instead he became a prolific and celebrated author of stories filled with the triumph and resilience of the human spirit, surviving the darkness of humanity. 

Life delivers many legitimate reasons for descending into apathy and each person’s personal experience is the hook that may at times cause them to temporarily give away passion for indifference. 

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While embracing the modern phenomenon of positivity, it has become the life mantra for many others who have turned it into a new age of superstition that ghoulishly describes how allowing negativity into your mind will attract your greatest fear to hunt you down and destroy you.  Extremism in any form negates positivity.  The truth is that when you face your fear, design step by step strategies to solve real issues and get them gone, your positivity increases exponentially because there is no longer that invisible but oh so present fear-based white elephant lurking in the shadows.  Not only does positivity increase with the purging of fears but its energy radiates outward, embracing and infecting others.  Be warned…. Positivity results in thrive-ability AND is highly contagious.  

However, apathy is still the grim reaper of positivity.  Perhaps people embrace apathy because, in order to survive in their workplace, it demands the loss of human emotion and lack of concern for others.  Choice?  Perhaps they live in war-torn parts of the world that demand a turning off of emotion in order to emotionally survive the next horror?  Choice?  And perhaps people embrace apathy not because they lack passion but because they fear the constant stress of having to maintain a happy life once they have attained it?  Choice? 

Positivity is and has always been a survival mechanism that has “held the hands” and “had the backs” of the most oppressed people in every culture throughout man’s history.  

Apathy, indifference, Positive ImperativeLook around, check out your work mates, life partners, kids, teachers; ask them questions that require opinions, passionate answers, hopeful dreams and determination to succeed.  If their answers show indifference you are facing the creeping apathy attacking society from the inside out and slowly creating that system-wide failure to thrive.  Apathy vs positivity is a personal, god-given freedom that no man or woman can take away from you.  If men like Elie Weisel can survive using positivity as a tool and choosing positivity based solutions so can you!  

Apathy is a slippery slope leading to learned helplessness (the sense of failure to take action leads to a feeling of not being in control and loss of ability to take action which then leads to further lack of activity) and thus feelings of hopelessness.  The flip side of apathy is positivity and how even the smallest positive gesture immediately triggers hope and radiates healing. 

This brings us back to love because when you do not know how to love and respect yourself it is easy to slip into indifference.  Thus the opposite of indifference is love, the opposite of indifference is art, the opposite of indifference is faith and the opposite of death by indifference is life.  Apathy and indifference are interchangeable.  The choice is obvious… OR is it? 

Positively yours,


Sue Rumack, SoulDancer, Positive ImperativeSue Rumack aka SoulDancer is a soul coach, channeler, and author of “The Pulse of Awakening, How to Connect with Soul and Life Purpose”. Sue is a passionate and professional soul coach who shepherds her clients through uncovering the talents and strengths that empower them to live fearlessly, in realistic positivity.  Her goal is to provide simple proven tools to all those seeking positivity so they become empowered thriving leaders of both this generation and the next. 

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