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In order to have a positive society it is imperative to have both positive communication as well as a positive vocabulary. Historically we have been driven by a dominantly negative vocabulary, which creates more negativity. PosiWords is a reflection of needed more positive words to replace our negative focused communication.

EmphaZen! Emphasis on Zen. Zen is being present in the moment. The past is gone away, the future only a promise. We only have the present of the present. Emphasize It. EmphaZen! ~ Submitted by David Schmelzer, PosiWord team leader.

1. Characterized by positive comprehension of the parts of something as interconnected and explicable as positivity impacts the whole

2. Characterized by implementation of Positivity of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and physical.

3. Characterized by implementation of Positivity at all times and in all places so as to be omnipresent.

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