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With the eye to raise the bar on Positive Psychology and Holistic Positivity and thereby apply it to the classroom the Positive Imperative launches our Fourth Facebook Page, the Positive Teacher Imperative. It joins our Positive Imperative Page, our Positive Word Imperative Page (PosiWord) our Positive Love Imperative Page and of course the twin of the Positive Imperative movement, the Positive Music Imperative Facebook Page.

His truest gift I believe was his voice. He gave his voice to the insanity of war in Good Morning Vietnam. He gave his voice to single dads in Mrs. Doubtfire while making most of us pee our pants with laughter. His voice stood for the culture shocked immigrant in Moscow on the Hudson. His voice rekindled our inner-child with Hook, Popeye, Jack, Jumanji and Aladdin. Courageous enough to take on unpopular roles his voice stood for the disenfranchised and homeless in the Fisherking, Mental health was a recurring theme as he lent his voice to the Awakenings

With the launch of the Positive Music Imperative, comes also their launch of the official first Positive Music album. Music from 4 continents, and 15 singers mostly singer/songwriters converge together to create a very special album. Your Best Life, is an album to bolster your self image, and give you hope and extend your vision of possibilities. You can support your Positive Music indie community by going here and purchasing this album. If you know somebody who’s in need of having the motivation boosted but has little or no cash after paying for the essentials, please tell them they can go here and download the album for free. An initiative from the artists who are motivated to always lend a hand up.

With the initiative to collaborate and work together, founder Payton Pavkov plated a seed that became the Positive Love Imperative. Victor & Payton will be discussing the idea, that not all love is positive, and that as people evolve into holistic positivity, they will examine both motives and outcomes as it pertains to the love for individuals, the community and even the world, the later being the We Are One movements.

1. Characterized by positive comprehension of the parts of something as interconnected and explicable as positivity impacts the whole

2. Characterized by implementation of Positivity of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and physical.

3. Characterized by implementation of Positivity at all times and in all places so as to be omnipresent.

Many of the words we use today have “baggage”. They have history, culture and many other weighing factors that go into their meaning. All of these factors can often lead to negative interpretations or emotions depending upon how the words are taken. Some of the changes are often due to language evolving. No longer does the Christmas carol Deck The Halls have one interpretation with the line “don we now are gay apparel… have but one meaning.

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