Conquer Fears in the Way of Dreaming the Big Dream

Cindy Ashton, Positive singer, speaker and author

Cindy Ashton, Positive singer, speaker and author

As we walk along our path in life, it can be easy to get into the comfort of our routine, denying our deepest desires. In dreaming the big dream, many of us struggle because our fears come creeping in. Instead we either make small goals or we fail to dream at all. I am going to dare to you claim what you want, despite the fear or as I like to call it… your monsters! It is time to conquer those fears in the way of dreaming the big dream.

Are you ready?…..

Two Things To Keep In Mind

Now, when claiming the dream, 2 things to keep in mind: 1. If the dream doesn’t scare you, it is not big enough. 2. You should not know the HOW of how it will manifest itself. Here are the top 4 fears aka monsters that may appear: 1. “What happens if I fail it at?” Dare to live the dream. Keep focused on the end result. Ask the universe/inner knowing for guidance and signs. Take action when you get it, even if it doesn’t make sense (and it probably will not). Reflect and learn the lessons as you go so you don’t keep repeating the same pattern. And if you don’t achieve it right away, at least you are much closer than you were a year ago. Keep going and it is just a matter of time. 2. “What happens if I tell people what I am going to do and it doesn’t manifest? I don’t want to be embarrassed or look stupid” What is more important? Conforming to limiting beliefs of others so you can be accepted and then being miserable that you aren’t living your dreams? OR Daring to stand out from the crowd (in which case you will attract new friends who DO have more open beliefs) and having a shot at living your purpose and being happy? 3. “I am afraid to dream because I have been disappointed in the past.” That is the past. You do not have to keep repeating it. Instead of seeing these as disappointments, start to ask yourself these questions, “What did I learn from those experiences? How can I do things differently this time?” 4. “I think it is impossible.” Every time you think this thought, ask yourself these questions, “Has anyone else is this world, achieved what I want? Has anyone else had major obstacles to overcome, but still found a way to achieve success? Has there ever been a time in my life when I felt like I was trapped or something was impossible, but somehow in the end it all worked out?” Journal your responses and review them whenever you have doubt.

Why is living the dream such a Positive Imperative?

The consequence when you succumb to the fear and doubts is that you give up and the Neutral of Procrastination takes hold. That Neutral becomes a negative ripple effect and will give rise to more Neutrals which may include indifference and apathy. They in turn can eventually become the catalyst for many other negatives in your life. Think not? Take a look at the many people who have had tragic ends to their lives and you may find a ripple effect that goes all the way back to when they gave up on their dream. The dream killer is like the dark reaper…. it doesn’t take hold the first few days, weeks or months you procrastinate, it hits you like a tone of bricks when you realize the spark of the dream fizzled out years ago, and perhaps the vitality, fuel, and most importantly the physical and mental health to make it happen. PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Okay now dare to claim the dream! When those monsters appear, acknowledge and kiss them goodbye. You can accomplish anything! So what are you going to accomplish that will be a big dream, a legacy, something to leave behind? Wishing you an incredible day! Cindy

Kiss Your Monsters Away





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