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About Us

The Positive Imperative.   We come together in good faith as a collaborative collective social enterprise crating a legacy through Positive Programs (like PosiWords), Positive actions like promoting positivity and Positive Music through both promoting the importance of and having Positive Music Imperative Concerts.  Our members have donated their time to create a first in the world positive music program at a half-way house.

It is our mandate to educate in omnipresent need for positive  at the personal level, in our communities and in turn the world and thus inherit in that imperative arises our collective responsibility to participate in Positivity as much as possible in all things. The Positive Imperative also educates by illustrating the true impact of Neutrals & Negatives.

Our members are found all over the world.  We work together towards fulfilling our mission while have fun and creating opportunities to support and exploit each others talents and abilities.


For more information, use the contact form to the left or send and e-mail to the founder victor.sinclair(at)gmail.com

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