Daily Practice of Positivity ~ by Angela Schafaers

Daily Practice of Positivity

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Practicing positivity daily takes effort, but can easily be part of your day once you practice it again and again. Like other habits we set out to instill, it is another habit that we can create for ourselves that will be long lasting.

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To see how positivity can have a good affect on your life, practice a day or two of looking for the positive things around you and write them down. Capture positive experiences, positive words (yours & others) and positive actions (yours & others). Consider how you feel each time you hear, see or experience something positive. Often times it will change your attitude, make you feel physically and emotionally better and bring a smile to your face!

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Realizing the power of positivity in your life will help you to initiate the creation of changing your day-to-day living to one of positivity! If you think of it like the other things you seem to ‘naturally’ do each day that are good for you; brush your teeth 🙂 get exercise 🙂 eat right 🙂 and so on, you will see the benefits of adding this action step into your routine.


Start slowly and reflect on positive things each morning. This could be a gratitude list (things & people you are grateful for), a list of good things planned/scheduled for the day, exciting changes you have planned and so on. Remember to include reflection on your strengths and the value you bring to the world (positive affirmations)! Make your best attempt to keep these things at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the day!



The next thing to practice is pausing, breathing and reflecting on the good even when things go wrong. Life can go wrong, things happen, people may be negative or hurtful etcetera. The key is to NOT let those things take you out of the space of being and feeling positive. Yes it is normal to be upset, frustrated, sad and other emotions at times. Yet we have a choice to not let those emotions be more powerful then positivity or allow the negativity to overcome us.


positive imperative, positive affirmation, positivity, attracting positivity, daily positivityAs you practice your morning of positive thoughts (it’s great to include affirmations too!) and stay aware of the positive throughout your day, you can turn each day into a day of positivity! Like any habit you are trying to infuse regularly, this may take time. You may need notes to yourself or other things (people can help too- by being your accountability partner!) to remind you to stay positive. Remember that each day is another day to try again! Eventually, if you practice day in and day out, you will achieve a daily routine of positivity!

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Angela Schaefers is an inspirational speaker, freelance writer and producer and host of  Your Story Matters show.

Angela speaks and shares her story of hope and faith to overcome tragedies since childhood, facing stage IV cancer and more to discovering her own life purpose. She is a keynote for organizations and effectively shares the message within their story.

Angela blogs and writes various articles. She writes about professional networking, inspiration, and her life experiences, including what she has learned from them to encourage others to learn from their experiences (story). Angela authored her memoir Grief to Grace and recently published her book Your Story Matters You Matter A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story. She is completing her next two books; Cancer Doesn’t Come Wrapped In A Pretty Ribbon and More Grace.

Angela interviews people around the globe to share their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and living life purposefully. She also shares story about various non-profits that are creating change locally and globally.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. She has previously counseled families, couples, children and individuals, has provided career coaching and has trained and worked as a Chaplain.

Angela has three children and is a Mimi (grandmother) to one. She enjoys outdoor activities; such as biking, hiking, kayaking and being at the beach, loves tea time and savors a break to the spa.



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