Evolving your positivity will improve your results. ~ Shanna Beaman

Are you making positive changes in your life to reach your goals?

Sometimes it may be a challenge to make changes in your life because certain things may seem like a chore.  Positively altering the way you perceive the changes you are making will produce better results and propel you more quickly toward your goals.  A basic foundation of belief is that you must see the glass is half full. 
glass half full

Here are some examples:

I have to manage my time                                   to     I have my priorities straight

I am dieting to lose weight                                  to     I have changed my relationship with food

I am working to change my life                           to     I am transforming my life

I must always think about self improvement     to     I live consciously

positivity displacement, remove negative thinking, positivity
Do this exercise: 

Write down the changes you are making in your life that you discern to be a chore. Not just taking out the garbage or driving your kids to school, really you can put anything on this list that you would rather stay at home on watch tv.  Visiting a grandmother in a nursing home, doing volunteer work you feel compelled to do, or even listening to a co-worker go on about their family problems. 

positivity, law of displacement, positive imperative

Now, positively modify these transformations.

From today forward, think and talk about these changes with your new and improved declarations!
Example,   I have to go to visit grandma in the nursing home because nobody else will 
I am delighted to fulfill my responsibility to provide important companionship to a woman who’s spent decades caring for others.
Have a great day! 
Shanna BeamanShanna Beaman

Shanna is the author of the new and inspiring book “The Woman’s Guide to Living Your Dreams!” This brilliant guide is an innovative step-by-step workbook that will keep you motivated and focused on dream achievement. She is working on her second ground breaking book “Onramp to Your Future” for teens, due out in the spring.

Shanna is a sought after professional speaker and trainer and has had the opportunity to present at events such as the League of Utah Writers annual convention, the Law of Attraction Club at The Lotus, and Sherrie Benedict’s Get Goals.

Shanna is the President of Goals Mentor, LLC and the co-creator of an outstanding on-line life coaching program, helping people around the world reach their goals. She is the creator and writer of several exceptional self-help blogs.



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