Get involved! Join us and make a ripple or a wave!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead (1901-1978), Anthropologist and Writer

We’re excited. The Positive Imperative movement is rapidly gaining popularity with fans and supports in many different states and provinces and from one end of the globe to the other. They all get the connection of One World, One People and One Positivity!  Holistic Positive is Imperative and there is indeed to much work to do.  

Positive Imperative is a global movement, with its prime directive to raise the consciousness of our responsibility of Positivity in all things, the awareness of Positive Energy, and the damage of negatives and neutrals. It is a legacy concept that will be stewarded by those that participate long after those that started it have departed. This is a very large vision and also includes the application of these principles to music, hence it’s shadow movement of the Positive Music Imperative.

PI Community members/volunteers/participants, should be familiarly with four pages of the web site.

About PI (The concept)

Posivalues by Dr. John Schinnerer (the road map to apply the principles).

Positive Music Imperative

About PMI (The concept applied to music)

Top Ten Positive Songs (A really good understanding of the Positive effects of Positive music).

Those are the key pages, you may of course check out other posts as well as Posithanks and Posiwords our first two ongoing programs.

Where do I Get Involved?

The great thing about getting involved is the doors are wide open, and include getting involved as much as you want and where you feel the best fit it. Here are some of the ways.

Songwritter / Singer of all things Positive

Join our community and PMI and co-write – collaborate and write / sing songs to help evolve ourselves, our communities and our world. One World.  See www.positivemusicimperative.com 

Social Media Advocate.

We need lots of Twitterers, to promote the web site and on going programs as well as the core themes of PI and PMI to help build critical mass.

There’s lots to do on Facebook and Blip FM too, and we’re looking for people who want to steer the movement into other places like Stumble Upon, Drupple and LinkedIn.

Web Site Savvy. If you are a wordpress junkie or even just in the somewhat competent field, there are lots of places to help out including getting tags and links up to date as well as helping to create some of the posts for the non techies.

Posithanks & Posiwords

Looking for some captains or co-captains for each of those programs. Posithanks ideally should be a daily post so we can work our way up to 365 posts and create an e-book of Posithanks and spin off programs of Posiminders etc. Posiwords should be a daily feature as well. Both programs are really important and have endless possibilities.

Bloggers. If you GET IT! The concept that is, and have something important you want to share, let’s talk!

Artistic Help.

We’re always in need of Photographers, Graphic Artists, wizards at desk top publishing and copy writers.

Steering Committee

If you have ideas to share, or experience in Project Management etc. and want to join our steering committee let’s talk!

Positive Singers / Songwriters / Studios We have lots for you to do! :>)

Missed something? Make a suggestion?

Thank you for your Interest, and welcome to our community. It’s rewarding to make a ripple.



Catherine Graham
Power Coach, Hypnotist, Speaker and Author

Journey Healers Helping You Create The Life You Want!”

by e-mail

“Catherine Graham” <Catherine_Graham_7(at)hotmail.com>

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Victor Sinclair. VP of VSC International, Founder of the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative movements/concept and community, has a wide background in teaching, broadcasting, the music industry and business and most recently served as a founder and Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada). He has also dedicated more than 30 years of his life to volunteerism and not for profits including Big Brothers, Memorial Boys and Girls Clubs, Minor Leagues Sports and as a President and board member of several not-for-profit boards. Interests include family, biking, tennis, reading, music and PI/PMI of course. http://www.vscinternationalcorp.com http://www.positiveimperative.com http://www.positivemusicimperative.com http://www.twitter.com/posimperative http://www.facebook.com/Vic.Sinclair http://www.linkedin.com/in/victorsinclair

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Heshie Segal January 2, 2010

I love the positive attitude and will support nearly anything with this idea. I have a good feeling about this.

David Schmelzer January 4, 2010

Hello – all I can say is Wow! To be a part of such a group of thinkers – the energy….wow! I am IN to help in whatever way you’d like. I have web / tech skills – am moving into digital media – tell me where to go and what to do. Please connect – having a network of positive energy around me such as this….inexplainable – infinite. Thank you. On Facebook I am David Schmelzer – Depaul in Indiana. Greetings from the midwest just outside of Chicago. Cheers and Namaste to all!

Terry Schwartz March 21, 2010

I would love to help and hone my writing/blog skills.

DIANA SANDLIN April 14, 2010

Music has incredible power to change people’s feelings, thoughts and ultimately, actions. Great concept! I sing and write empowering songs to remind myself of my connection to God and to unlimited power. Great to see this website and mission!

Rosemarie Ashley April 26, 2010

Thank you for this site and the light you bring to the world. Together, we can co-create the world of our dreams.

Lynn Saldanha May 7, 2010

Imagine All The People Breaking On Through To The Other Side and Living Life In Peace!!!

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono laid their mission of world peace in Toronto’s Varsity Stadium at the Sweet Toronto Peace Festival. Ironically, The Doors were also there!

Peace from Toronto then! Peace to the world now!

It doesn’t matter where we live, or how we gather in places like this as being one, we can become our best wherever two or more are gathered!

Thank you so much for this place to gather!

Unity through Diversity * Understanding from Diversity
Together we can bring our world to peace!!

Claudia Broome September 18, 2010

Victor, you and everyone here continue to make this world a better place with your uplifting messages of hope and “positivity!” We are privileged to call you friend.

John Todd October 29, 2012

What the mind of man and woman can conceive, ardently desire and earnestly work towards each and every day, ye shall achieve – Norman Vincent Peale

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