Gratitude is a funny wee beastie and it doesn’t stand alone. by Sue Rumack

Gratitude is a funny wee beastie and it doesn’t stand alone.


Ya gotta love it because when used as intended, the boomerang hit of gratitudinal vibrational energy is way more powerful than love itself!  At the same time, GRATITUDE is the most misunderstood human emotion of them all. While gratitude and appreciation must go hand in hand, we often confuse the two thinking they are actually one and the same energy, but they are not.  While this post may shake a few beliefs about gratitude, at the very least, it may also open you to new ways of thinking about how, why and when you express your gratitude.

Gratitutde_we get more than we give

The first secret to gratitude is to allow ourselves to actively appreciate whatever comes our way.  To do this we must consciously open awareness to the smallest details of our daily gifts and challenges.  When we practice appreciation, our inner vision expands enabling our outer vision to receive the hidden gifts in every moment.  Saying a silent thank you, and meaning it to the depths of our soul is enough to start the gratitude ripple.

The second secret to gratitude is understanding the in the moment nuances of offering gratitude.  When we have active appreciation being felt at the unconscious level of our being, gratitude automatically triggers all by itself!

Have you ever had a moment where the sight, smell, taste, memory of something triggered a feeling of awesomeness, that swelled your heart with unfathomable energy.  You felt the energy lift you up and then expand outside yourself in a wave that rippled out into the Universe.  In that moment you felt it couldn’t get better and then you were hit with a jolt if even greater energy.


This unconscious form of appreciation couples with an unmanufactured, pure, instinctual gratitude and this is truly the Law of Attraction in action!  In the moments following this WOW burst of Universal recognition, your inner glow is magnetic attracting people, opportunity and pure joy.  The coolest part is that your joy rubs off on others.  It’s contagious.  Whenever you remember these moments, the vibration duplicates itself and you feel gratitude/appreciation just as before.  All I have to do to feel the hit again and again is to think about the first moment I held my grandchild, noticed the dew sparkling on an imperfect spiderweb in the the dawn sunlight or even when I splashed through that magnificent puddle with childish abandon.  In each and every day, I send out many silent ‘thank you’s” to the known and known that open my awareness in the moment.


In ancient times, the people were taught to express gratitude to their gods for their daily existence.  They created rituals that have come down to us in many forms such as saying grace before meals, offering a prayer of thanks for gifts of the Universe, even offering gratitude as a bribe BEFORE receiving, in a hope for greater abundance. In today’s society we sometimes even try to cheat a little by creating a gratitude wish list, offering gratitude in advance, promising to avoid all negative vibration by thinking exclusively positive thoughts, in exchange for attracting only positive outcomes.  In this way, in our minds, gratitude becomes the hook that magnetizes wishes and dreams to come our way.  Sadly when our goals don’t turn out as expected, we blame fate, lose hope and abandon gratitude in the natural process of grieving the loss of something we promised ourselves, when did not materialize.

gratitude_letting others see how they have helped you

Every philosopher of every religion teaches how to get in touch with appreciation and offer gratitude.   My greatest wish for this post is to have reminded you that the simplest way to activate appreciation and gratitude in its most powerful form is recognition of single moments of awe that take us out of the ordinary into the extraordinary for just a second or two.  When we can stop in those few seconds to feel the joy as it ripples out, we are unconsciously expressing both appreciation and gratitude without expectation of reward.  I urge you to try it, and see what happens.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” – William A. Ward

For more on how gratitude and appreciation can heal man, mankind, our planet and the Universe please visit http://www.souldancebeyondtheveil.blogspot.com.  Start with the first post archived on October 18, take your time, and return often.   You might even share the messages and tools you will find there.


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