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The idea of Holistic Positivity is really very simple.  You take a “holistic approach” to “Positivity”.   That said what’s the big deal.  It’s a concept that has often remained separate and not related.   On the one hand you have the holistic approach that has gained popularity over the past 20 – 50 years.  The most often application is towards Holistic approach towards health; that diet and exercise and the use of the mind together all apply to integrate towards positive health and together form a complete approach.

Positivity has never been given the holistic approach.  It has often debated itself within the framework of Positivity.  Positive thinking is often put at odds with positive action with positive action proponents accusing the positive thinking camp of often having a huge disconnect between wishful thoughts and actual action.

Congruence, Divergence or Convergence.    


Positive Values and Actions of Congruence3

If you stop to consider our actions also become the direction of our lives these directions only ever have three options.  Congruence is where we reach our destination.  Divergence, where we explode or Convergence where we implode.  Those are our only options.   Often people choose to be positive here, ( a positive value of a great worker but be negative in some other area of their live (dangerous driver), or be healthy by going to the gym, but unhealthy due to drug use.  When your values don’t match your actions or behavior that in congruence can lead you to self destruct.   Witness some of the great performers in history, Elvis Presley, Congrad Black, Tiger Woods behavior undermine their positive career achievements and even corporations like Enron self destruct and implode.  The opposite is also true when the foundations weaken themselves and they explode.  All of us either follow our lines of congruence where our values and actions are in harmony or we don’t  When we don’t the Negative’s often ripple with devastating effects.

Holistic Positivity

The study of holistic positivity is complex, it involves many aspects of all our our lives.  Positivity, it’s applications, positive energy, positive thinking, positive psychology,, positive values and positive education.

Holistive Positivity Mind Map

The congruence of Positivity is that it needs to be omnipresent.    Positivity, all the time and everywhere.  It does not mean we have to be perfect.  It means we must be vigilant in our attempts to be holistically positive and when we fall off the horse, we get back up in the saddle and continue our positive course as much as we can.   In its most complex form, it seems to be overwhelming.   That’s one of the reason we share  the idea that the study of positivity is imperative.  It’s a life-long study, not a quick fix like going to a motivational seminar and walking away  an hour later and being 100% positive for the rest of your life, only to have it ware off in a couple of days.  Life is not that simple.   However on the other hand, maybe it is as Positivity in it’s simplest form was captured my years ago.

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Our mission in ideology at the Positive Imperative is to evolve the idea of Positivity and it’s elements like Positive Music, that we believe is the best agent and game plan for world peace.  If you can make that leap of faith because you can think of no other viable alternative, you will perhaps begin to buy into the concept that Positivity is not a frivolous “nice to do” thing for bleeding hearts, but is indeed, viable, logical and the best course of action which is then why Positivity IS Imperative.

Have a Positively Great day & life.


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Victor Sinclair. VP of VSC International, Founder of the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative movements/concept and community, has a wide background in teaching, broadcasting, the music industry and business and most recently served as a founder and Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada). He has also dedicated more than 30 years of his life to volunteerism and not for profits including Big Brothers, Memorial Boys and Girls Clubs, Minor Leagues Sports and as a President and board member of several not-for-profit boards. Interests include family, biking, tennis, reading, music and PI/PMI of course. http://www.vscinternationalcorp.com http://www.positiveimperative.com http://www.positivemusicimperative.com http://www.twitter.com/posimperative http://www.facebook.com/Vic.Sinclair http://www.linkedin.com/in/victorsinclair

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