It’s Easy to Allow Fear to Stop Us ~ By Sara Westbrook

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Whenever I don’t pursue what I want, don’t ask a question, don’t take a stand for myself or others – I realize that I have allowed myself to be stopped by …Fear!

Fear can be paralyzing! Fear can stop us right in our tracks!


fear are stories we tell ourselves

fear, panic,, anxiety, obstacles, overcoming your fears, Sara Westbrook, Positive Imperative, replacing fear with Positivity and Big Dreams


In order to follow my dream of being a motivational speaker/singer I have had to work on one of my greatest fears – ‘what will people think?’

An exercise that has helped me look my fear in the face and then move through it, is an exercise I call … ‘My Dream is Greater than My Fear.’

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Here’s how it works:

  • Take a piece of paper and write the words ‘my Dream is greater than my FEAR‘ across the top of the page.
  • Create two columns – one titled Dreams, the other Fears.
  • In the fear column write as many fears as you can think of that are stopping you from fulfilling your dream.
  • In the dream column write in bigger, bolder letters all the reasons for wanting your dream to become a reality.
  • Read everything you have written and decide which one you want more – your DREAM or your FEAR. The one that you choose to focus on and give the most energy to will win.
  • As soon as a fear comes up, replace it with your dream! Visualize yourself fulfilling your Dream with Courage & Passion! Feel the Excitement!

      Focus on your dream and the benefits of obtaining it. Make your Dream Bigger than your fear. Only then can you achieve what you truly want.

 Dream Big quote_impossible-Richard Branson

So it’s up to you. What you think about you will get.’

– lyrics from my song ‘Dream BIG’


This has been my voice but I respect that this is your life, this is your choice.

Sara Westbrook

UPower_bnrbSara Westbrook is an international singer/songwriter/speaker. Sara created UPower® concerts, motivational concerts designed to let people, especially youth, know they have the ability to make powerful choices that will create a positive impact no matter what the circumstance. Each song Sara writes contains a life skill. Through the power of speech and music Sara takes people on a journey. Let the Journey Begin at



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