Letting Go of the ‘What Ifs’ ~ by Sara Westbrook

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Letting Go of the ‘What Ifs’
Letting Go of What Ifs’ is a critical tool in order to stop the mind from wander. So often we make decisions from fear and worry especially when it comes to taking a leadership role. I too have had times where I questioned whether or not I should take a leadership position because I was so worried about being judged. But I realized that worrying so much about the opinions of others stops me from being ME! I knew I had to start letting go of the what ifs’.  Oh and too much fear and worry often will lead to
It’s easy to allow your mind to create ’what ifs’ about situations and to worry about what others may think.
For Example:
What if I take a leadership role and people think I am not good enough?
What if I wear my new outfit to school and people think I like ridiculous?
What if I say something and everyone laughs and makes fun of me?
The ‘what ifs’ can be never ending. Sometimes we even answer the ‘what if’ questions as they play over and over in our minds.
For Example:
Q: What if I have a great idea and everyone disagrees?
A: Everyone might think I am a horrible leader. Then I will feel embarrassed and start feeling self-conscious.
Even if a small voice in your head is saying, ‘Just go ahead, you will make a difference’, it will take a lot of courage to go against all the ‘what ifs’ your mind has created.
‘You can be Brave and Scared at the same time – that’s Courage!’ – Oprah
Since we all have a strong desire to fit in, to be accepted and to be loved, it’s easy to do or not to do something in order to obtain acceptance.
Most of us spend a lot of time trying to look good for other people and I don’t just mean with our fashion.
Giving in to the ‘worries’ of embarrassment and allowing these worries to stop you from being who you truly are will mean that you end up missing out on the fun and freedom of allowing yourself to express YOU in a Unique Way!
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Here is something that I find helpful.
I write down the type of person I want to be – the character traits I want to have. For me, Respectful Understanding and Confident are at the top of my list. Whenever a situation comes up I ask myself if I am being true to these character traits.
What character traits are important to you?
If you were making a choice from those character traits – what choice would you make?
Ask yourself:
Is it more important to ‘fit in’ at the cost of not being your unique self?
Is it more important for you to enjoy being You and becoming the leader that you want to be and believe you are regardless of what others may think? (Plus, by choosing to take a stand and be YOU, others may follow your lead!)
I have moments when I am afraid to take a leadership role, but I tell myself ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’
Always keep in mind the person that you want to be and make CHOICES that will lead you there!
This has been ‘my voice’ but I respect that this is your life, this is ‘your choice’
Sara Westbrook, Positive Imperative, UpowerSara Westbrook,
Sara Westbrook is an international singer / songwriter / speaker.

Sara created UPower® concerts, motivational concerts designed to let people, especially youth, know they have the ability to make powerful choices that will create a positive impact no matter what the circumstance.  Each song Sara writes contains a life skill. Through the power of speech and music; Sara takes people on a journey.

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