Live Your Best Life Today ~ by Angela Schaefers

 the best time to make positive change is now

Live Your Best Life Today

Life sometimes surprises us, and not in a good way. Death happens, disease and life changing illness happen, relationships end. There is, believe it or not, a positive message and learning in each of those scenarios, even if that seems harsh or impossible. But that’s another discussion.


The cliche ‘life is short’ is quite powerful, if you take heed. When you realize today may be the only day you have to live your best life it can be exciting, even during challenges! You can feel fulfilled each and everyday on some level. You can bask in peace and happiness each day, despite the circumstances and people around you that are completely out of your control. You can;

 chose how you work

  • Choose happiness versus sadness
  • Choose peace versus conflict
  • Choose love versus hate
  • Choose joy versus misery
  • Choose calm versus anxiety


When you act on your free will about how you will react and respond to life, each and everyday, life and you as a person become that much better. Again, this does not mean we can change another person and very often we cannot change our circumstances. But we do have complete control over how we handle our emotions.


We all feel anger, fear, sadness, worry, frustration at times. These are natural human feelings that come and go as life happens. The extent of those emotions and what we do about them is critical to living our best life today. You can overcome emotions such as these, even when they feel overbearing and out of control.


controlyouremotionsimpleversion1The first key is to recognize your emotions, each day. Be aware of your life circumstances and what things or people prompt emotions like those noted above. They are emotions that you can take charge of, but only if you recognize them.

 The second key is to allow your emotions and let them be for a time. Learn from them and question them- are you really angry or are you really embarrassed and so on. Give yourself grace in knowing that you are human and there is nothing wrong with your feelings. (Ignoring your emotions or minimizing them will not allow you to control them)


 The third key is managing your emotions so they do not control you. Find ways to express your emotions appropriately (share them with others peacefully, learn to let go of unrealistic expectations surrounding circumstances & people, allow the tears, etc.). Learn to take action to lessen your emotions so that are not so overwhelming (i.e. exercise, listen to soothing music, meditate, journal, etc.). Fill your mind with positive, encouraging and happy thoughts.


 When we learn to control our thoughts, responses and reactions we are truly living our best life. As we practice this each day, it becomes a positive habit that is instilled in us and is life changing! We will feel again and again the power in living our best life each day!

 “Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously

and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.”

– Tony Robbins

 I hope your new best life story begins today!


About Angela Schaefers

Angela Schaefers is an inspirational speaker, freelance writer and producer and host of  Your Story Matters show.

angela schaeferAngela speaks and shares her story of hope and faith to overcome tragedies since childhood, facing stage IV cancer and more to discovering her own life purpose. She is a keynote for organizations and effectively shares the message within their story.

Angela blogs and writes various articles. She writes about professional networking, inspiration, and her life experiences, including what she has learned from them to encourage others to learn from their experiences (story). Angela authored her memoir Grief to Grace and recently published her book Your Story Matters You Matter A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story. She is completing her next two books; Cancer Doesn’t Come Wrapped In A Pretty Ribbon and More Grace.

Angela interviews people around the globe to share their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and living life purposefully. She also shares story about various non-profits that are creating change locally and globally.


Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. She has previously counseled families, couples, children and individuals, has provided career coaching and has trained and worked as a Chaplain.


Angela has three children and is a Mimi (grandmother) to one. She enjoys outdoor activities; such as biking, hiking, kayaking and being at the beach, loves tea time and savors a break to the spa.



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