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The Study of Positivity

In order to master anything we have to study and practice it.  With SO much negativity in the world and the PosiRatio going 10 to 1 against Positivity we need to put ten times the effort into creating sustainable Positivity.   As the saying goes, Positivity is a journey, not a destination.  It’s not something you can take like a pill or read one blog or article and go presto I’m 100% Positive.    

It also should be “non partisan if it’s truly congruent Positivity, ie: promote your own site, but also others you find worthy too.  So please use this page often and also share any positive sites that you find worth while in the comment section.

For more on the Study of Positivity, please check out the PI Page “The Study of Positivity is Imperative.    Holistic positivity in also a life long study, especially when you include the study of Positive Psychology which is a foundation of the Positive Imperative.  While Positive Thinking is also a foundation and a piece of the puzzle, positive thinking is nothing without Positive Action, had understanding the foundations of Positive Psychology will set the foundation for Positive action.  

Positive Imperative Sites  (Sites and posts relating to the Positive Imperative).

Positive Imperative Community – Facebook  Posts by any one of 1,600 +  members/followers of Positive ideas, quotes, pictures and music.  http://www.facebook.com/groups/positiveimperative/ Positive Imperative Personal Blog of Victor Sinclair  – Some negative issues in our world called to task. http://positiveimperative.blogspot.ca/




Positive 80/20  Imperative

Positive 80/20 Imperative A blog applying the Positive Imperative foundations to the the 80/20 rule, helping you to understand that 20% of your Positivity will give you 80% of a Positive Life, so figure out what it is and do more.  Yes, the same is true of negatives in your life, so remove the 20% of the negative things you do which is causing you 80% of your grief.


Positive Music  Imperative    

Positive Music Imperative

Positive Imperative / Positive Music Imperative  You Tube Channel   Positivity Playlist – Over 100 selected Positive songs blending famous hits with not so well known Positive Indie songs.  Originals or covers.  A great like to click and have your own Positive Music soundtrack.  Let the positive Music begin! Positive Music Imperative You Tube Channel – Social Conciousness / Protest Music  A major role of music has been as a social commentary on society and become the change agent to raise the collective consciousness of issues of social injustice.   Positive Imperative Blip FM Channel    Same as above some of the same songs, some different.  (You may have to sign up).  http://blip.fm/Posimperative Positive Music Imperative Page7 – Facebook

top-ten-positive-songs-music-notesTop Ten Positive Songs 10+ 1 of Victor Sinclair’s top Positive Songs, but more importantly hundreds more added by our supporters collectively become what could be the longest list of Positive Songs on the Net.  If you haven’t already please add yours and start a PosiRipple as somebody else may get turned on by a song you suggest and share it with others making a PosiMusic ripple that could touch and inspire hundred and maybe thousands of people.  (think that’s an exaggeration   Just think if just one singers decides to cover a song you suggested that they feel in love with and it becomes a hit.)  That’s why you have to have your mind open to the Posibilities! Add your songs now.  There’s no wrong answers and no minimum.  Some add 20 others add just one.

Driving the world to Positivity! PosiWords is our guide to both new and existing words you can utilize to empower your thoughts and mind.  http://positiveimperative.com/?page_id=476 Let the PosiWords begin here.  http://positiveimperative.com/?p=118 Positive Vocabulary

Positive Imperative Community sites  Why our community is so Positive! :>)

Linda Adsetts www.goforthejoy.com/   The study of Joy & access consciousness.

Deborah Allen http://www.optimistforever.com/  Deborah is a Master of the Law of Attraction, personal coach & leads with programs like how to be Positive in a Negative World, a staying Positive while looking after your elderly parents.

Martha & Gary Alexander http://www.higher-self-improvement.com/  Business & Life coaching to lead you to higher self improvement.  ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Rosemarie Ashley http://www.sassyalternativemusic.com  Positive and Empowering Music  PI Officer of Positive Transformation  ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Cindy Ashton http://www.cindyashton.com  A positively great Author, Singer, Actor & Entertainer.  PI Officer of Courage !  ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Michael Ballard  www.ResiliencyForLife.com   Mastering the study of Resiliency  Business, personal and youth.

Shanna Beaman http://www.goalsmentor.com/mentor/  Parenting http://www.emomsblog.com/  Coaching http://www.shannabeaman.com/

Irene Becker http://www.justcoachit.com/   Personal coaching and business consulting.

Kristen Bezemer Singer/songwriter for INNERSHA, motivational writer, speaker,life coach  http://www.reverbnation.com/innersha ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Blues Panther http://bluespanther.wayn.com/  A personal blog on observations of people & the world we live in to help us all evolve.

Claudia Broome  http://www.claudiabroome.com  Divorce Coach http://www.rugbyjones.com an amazing site about an amazing dog and anti-bullying.

Monika Burwise www.GlobalAwakeningInstitute.com Author, speaker, coach and consultant with a transformational leading edge message, and with husband Gary is the founder of the Global Awakening Institute.

Anita Charlot  http://www.anitacharlot.com/   Radical Transformation Consultant, life and career change, and personal/professional development and her blog is at http://anitacharlot.wordpress.com/

Mary Cimiluca  http://www.viktorandimovie.com/about      CEO of Noetic Films  Produced the documentary Viktor & Me, on the life of Viktor Frankel

Karen Drucker http://www.karendrucker.com/  One of the most established and popular motivational and inspirational singers.  ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Meaghan Eady http://www.meaghaneadyphotography.com/ Art & Photography come together to create a whole new experience.

Nancy Forbes http://www.nancyforbes.ca/emerging-butterflies-yoga-studio.html  Nancy is author of author of Courageous Butterfly: A journey to self-acceptance, A message of hope, love and courage and owner of Emerging-Butterflies Yoga Studio in Brampton ON.

Julia von Flowto  http://www.kaizenleadershipcoach.com/  Personal Coach developing leadership.

Cindy Freeman http://www.truevisionsmedia.com/  Positive music and media. ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Monica Garcia https://www.reverbnation.com/MonaGarcia  Amazing instrumental music ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Genevieve Georget http://www.fifteenfiftyone.ca/  A wonderful site of splendid photography and an insightful blog on life.

Catherine Graham http://www.journeyhealers.com/ A multidisciplinary approach to healing mind, body & spirit.

Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.  http://melaniegreenbergphd.com/marin-psychologist/  Clinical Psychologist specializing in Cognitive-Behavior.   Her blog http://marinpsychologist.blogspot.ca/

Vera N. Held http://www.veraheld.com/  Coach, author, facilitator, speaker, writer and PR & HR consultant

Paul Goldman http://stonespiritlodge.com/    A wonderful blog on healing and transformation.

Debo Grim http://www.facebook.com/sparkpotential  All about the art of a smile and how to spark your potential.

Angelyn Joy  http://www.goddessplayshops.com/  A Reiki Master & Spiritual Consultant  Her Blog  http://mysticangel.wordpress.com/

Deb King http://www.youtube.com/debkinggroove  Positive Funologist Deb King promotes Positive & Positively Great Music!

Rod Kinny http://www.rodkinny.com/    Positive singer producing music with a deeper meaning. ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Ryan Legros http://legrosfamily.com/ryan/  A wonderful blog on family, parenting and the joys & gratitude of fatherhood.

Melissa Lewis http://www.melissalewis.net/Breathe_In_Music/Home.html  Positively positive music! ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Jonathan Litwack http://jonlitwack.com/  A thought leadership blog on all things of technology, social media and the net!

Renee Ludwigs  http://islandperspective.com/   A Positively unique perspective on how to be in a state of flow.

Linda Diane Martinez-Fenlay  http://www.facebook.com/ABlissfulClassyQuintessentialBellaBrujaBlondette  A cross section of Linda’s interests in life.

Patrick Mathieu  http://mathieu.com/  Author, motivational speaker, life & business coach

Cassi McLean  http://casi-mclean.com/   Author; helping people get past their past to enjoy their today.

Lisa Monet http://www.lisamonetmusic.com/  Positive music for children is where we start creating positive lives.♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Heather Pirie http://www.hillplay.com/news.cfm  Amazing lyrical stories with music to inspire.   ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Marylin Price-Mitchell Ph.D.  http://www.mpricemitchell.com/ A developmental psychologist with a focus on Positive Youth, and Positive Learning Environments.  http://rootsofaction.com/blog/

Joe Ress http://www.joepassionsongs.net/   Sings both tribute performers like Queen & Manilow and also Positive Music. ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

John Schinnerer Ph.D. http://www.guidetoself.com/   Advance Tools For the Mind (Incredible set of great resources.)  Positive Psychology

John Schinnerer Ph.D.  http://drjohnsblog.wordpress.com/  Free On-Line Course on Anger Management

David Schmeltzer  http://www.daschmelzer.com/    Pictures and Thoughts coming to together to make  Inspire Art

Rohit Seth http://www.sethphotography.com  Photography of the human condition and some hotels too.

Jim Siconic http://www.inspiredbyjim.com/ Great blog including  inspiring writing, thoughtful videos and Positive Pictures.

Tim Smith http://www.smile-therapy.com/   Improving the world, one smile at a time.

Jana Stanfield http://www.janastanfield.com/ Humorist, songwriter, and educator, Jana Stanfield combines laughter, wisdom, and her million-selling songs. A leader in empowering music.  Our Officer of Positive Music !  ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Vicki Sutkowski http://www.dogzenden.blogspot.ca/   All about taking care of dogs including dog massage.

Moira Sutton – http://www.successbreakthrough.com/   Personal Coaching and Program to help you be Positively Successful.

Kathy Tremblay http://selfdevelopmentandgrowth.com/   Life Strategies for Success, Personal Goal Development & More.

Yvonne Van Dyck  http://www.facebook.com/THANKYOO  is the master of Gratitude and Thankyoo in any language.

Melissa Vrazel  www.GentleBlessings.com  Higher self empowerment & Positive Music too ! ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

Ronda Wada http://rondawada.com/  Personal and business coach helping you to transform your life. http://www.sacredcompass.com/

Carrie Watson    http://www.facebook.com/cwphotographyy  Positive Photography

Sara Westbrook http://www.sarawestbrook.com/  Upower   Concerts, workshops and thoughts to empower youth. ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫ She saves lives !

Diana Zitmanis http://www.dianaz.ca/   More wonderful Positive Music.  ♫♫♥¸.•*´`°•♪♫

*****Please notify me if you are a PI/PMI member and wish to be added to the list, or you would like your listing to be edited.  victor.sinclair(at)gmail.com  Criterion to be added is that your web site focus is directed towards Positivity, Personal Improvement or Positive art or Music.     Note this membership directory is not meant for MLM listings or unrelated business web sites.

Positive topical Sites

http://www.positivelypositive.com/  A great blog on Positivity.  You attitude – your choices – your life! http://www.positivityblog.com/  Happiness and other tips that work in the real world.

Positive Mind 

Mental health has now been identified by the World Health Organization as the number 1 ailment of humanity.  There is a fortress of negatives conspiring to supply all sorts of causes to your mental health issues from depression to Alzheimers.  The PosiRatio in response to this urges you to consider that 10 times the consorted effort will be needed to fortify a strong healthy and positive mind.

Dr. Joe Dispenza  http://www.drjoedispenza.com/   Breaking the Habit of Being You

David Rock  http://www.your-brain-at-work.com/   Your Brain At Work Dan Siegal  http://drdansiegel.com/     Inspire to rewire.   Positive Psychology

Dr. Martin Seligman Dr. Martin Seligman; What is Positive Psychology?

Barbara Fredrickson – Phychology Today  Positivity http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/positivity

Positive Psychology Learn more about it.  http://www.positivepsychology.net/

Lumocity www.lumocity.com    25 Million users engage and increase their brain power by using this site’s games and exercises to grow your brain power.  Cognitive training produces proven benefits. Clinical trials have shown that Lumosity.com can improve such brain attributes as working memory, visual attention, fluid intelligence, and executive function. By enhancing these attributes, Lumosity.com produces real-world cognitive benefits in individuals of all ages.


Positively Great Sites


TED Talks - Ideas worth spreading TEDTalks – www.ted.com/talks

I spend more time on this site than anywhere, except the PI site of course :>).  Thought leadership will help humanity to evolve.  Evolve you mind & think !  TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading through their video website.

It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology,EntertainmentDesign.

TEDTalks is where you will find the best video talks and performances from TED conferences, TEDx and partner events — and the best talks of the web.

The Pursuite of Happiness (A study in Positive Psychology)

http://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org/   Recently we have seen a dramatic upsurge in scientific studies on Positive Psychology and the “science of happiness” or to put it simply, discovering what makes happy people happy. Fortunately, many of the scientific studies point to specific ways of thinking and acting that can strongly impact our happiness. In these pages, we review the most scientific studies and translate the results into non-technical English.


laughter yoga

  Laughter Yoga International – www.laughteryoga.org

This idea may seem strange to you but as Reader’s Digest said for years…”Laughter Is The Best Medicine.  If the whole world were laughing there would be no more war.  If you started laughing regularly your blood presure would come down and you would become healthier.  Laughter Yoga is an exercise routine for a complete well-being workout. It was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India.

A worldwide phenomenon with more than 6000 social Laughter Clubs in about 60 countries, this is their website full of ways to Laugh For No Reason.


Greatfulness Org

Greatful  www.greateful.org

Our international nonprofit organization provides resources for living in the gentle power of gratefulness, which restores courage, reconciles relationships, and heals our Earth.




Improve Our World www.improveourworld.org

The People for Ultimate Kindness, believe that all living creatures deserve to be treated as we humans desire to be treated – with peace, love, kindness, care and respect. We believe this applies directly to all living creatures with a heart and a brain. We believe that God designed all creatures with the ability to sense and feel love and joy as well as pain and suffering. It is our belief that it was never intended for us to experience continuous pain and suffering except as a brief protective mechanism to cause us to stop any behavior, lifestyles or beliefs leading to such a cause. We believe that the experience of continuous pain and suffering is created by us against ourselves, each other, and to the rest of life on the planet.

Stand For LoveImagine… Earth is a loving, thriving place. A place where all people have plenty of fresh water, good food, health care, education, shelter, clothes, money and love. Everyone feels very safe, healthy, connected, worthy and free. Each one of us values our planet, ourselves and each other. Optimism, compassion, enthusiasm, peace, fun, and self expression are normal. We all aim to take actions that have ourselves and those we influence feel better. Children love life and grow into their futures grateful that their great-grandparents decided to get together and grow a loving, thriving world.


Posibilities Place www.posibilitiesplace.com

Where you can find authentic, irreverent, and leading edge news, commentary, knowledge, and entertainment — all the leading possibilities of a conscious, intentional, and powerful life.


Positively Positive   www.positivelypositive.com  

At its core, Positively Positive is about optimism and inspiration. About seeing the possibility within each person—and within each day gifted us. It’s about wisdom and how we lift one another up to richer, more fulfilling lives. It’s about tapping into our true nature and capacity.



The Positive Club http://www.positive-club.com/index.html

A club of Positivity and positive resources started by one person, Christian H. Godefroy.  We love to illustrate how just one person can make a major impact in the world.   Joining this club will give you discussion groups as well as other Positive Resources including a set of free E-books on Positivity and Positive stories.


The Power of Positivity  www.powerofpositivty.com 

As a whole, our society doesn’t understand the important role our thoughts determine the outcome of our everyday lives. You are creating your life everyday, with every thought, with every action, and you CAN change it at any time. We all need to live our lives with more joy, gratitude, love, peace, happiness, laughter, and smiles. JOIN and pledge to make your thoughts more POSITIVE!

Take Action  –

Care2 http://www.care2.com/ Largest online community empowering people to lead a healthy and

———-green lifestyle while taking action on important causes such as human rights, animal rights, the

environment and activism.Insert more positive sites here –>———————–

The Study of Positivity  

The study of positivity is a lifelong journey.  It is not one quick fix.  It is the wisdom to understand that in order to be resilient to the massive negativity in the world (just turn on a newscast… or don’t).   It also leads you to the humility of humanity.  Check your ego at the door, because the number one obstacle to Positivity is actually you.  Your ego will tell you, oh I get it, don’t need to, yep, got the concept, makes sense to me, this applies to everyone else because I’m already a positive person and 1,001 other excuses that become the gap between, knowing and doing.

To help create a Positive world, both around you and inside of you,  you need to study positivity to be a truly positive person, and do the things positive people will do and then you will have the positive life you wish for and by doing so help create a more positive world.


Victor Sinclair

Positive Imperative /Positive Music Imperative Founder







Victor Sinclair. VP of VSC International, Founder of the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative movements/concept and community, has a wide background in teaching, broadcasting, the music industry and business and most recently served as a founder and Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada). He has also dedicated more than 30 years of his life to volunteerism and not for profits including Big Brothers, Memorial Boys and Girls Clubs, Minor Leagues Sports and as a President and board member of several not-for-profit boards. Interests include family, biking, tennis, reading, music and PI/PMI of course. http://www.vscinternationalcorp.com http://www.positiveimperative.com http://www.positivemusicimperative.com http://www.twitter.com/posimperative http://www.facebook.com/Vic.Sinclair http://www.linkedin.com/in/victorsinclair

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