Passion ~ Master or Servant ? By Sue Rumack


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What are the three flavours of passion?


The Thesaurus defines passion as “an intensely emotional state of mind”.   Alexander Pope took the definition one step further when he wrote,  “passions are like fire and water, good servants but bad masters.


In the past fifty years, the lid has been blasted off passion and real passion finally released as people have begun to consciously  search for life purpose.   I believe passions drive our greatest loves and deepest despairs in ways that speak to every level of our lives.    In this new global atmosphere of positivity,  we are learning how to use them to fuel our greatest successes by choosing to live our life purpose but with all this freedom, we are still obsessed and possessed by our passions.


Living with passion is confusing.

The question becomes master or servant… which one are YOU, to your passion?  This post may open new doorways into how you use your passions.


How does passion become obsessive?

 Technically, emotion triggers brain chemistry that triggers response that may lead to obsessive behavior.   However, as a life strategies mentor, my clients consistently remind me that it is the unconscious patterns we set up early in life which pop us into obsession.  So, we might say passion is triggered both in the computer centre of our brains AND also in the soul centers of our hearts, but o sessile passion is in patterning we unconsciously create and maintain.

Now here is the kicker.  Passion comes in three flavours…  Positive, Negative and Invisible aka Neutral.  

The first two are easy enough and we know how each affects us.   In both,  we are highly visible to the opportunities and energies associated with the positive and the negative.  Therefore, when flowing with positive passion, we expect exciting uplifting people and opportunities to find us and for us to find them.  Then, there is the mystery of why negative people and negative situations seem to feed off each other when we engage negative passion.  And what does negative passion look like for you?  However, it’s the third flavour…. Invisibility that is most illusive and the strongest of all the passions.  Consider for a moment, how expert we are at sliding into remaining hidden from our greatest future when we choose to remain invisible?  We choose to remain passionately invisible for many reasons;  fear of success, fear of failure, the exhaustion of struggling to be noticed by the Universe, fear of being noticed by the Universe, fear of the greatness we hold within.  Sometimes we just want to be the observer not the participant!  Invisibility often suits our momentary need, because unlike positivity and negativity, invisibility requires nothing from us other than to remain unnoticed, safe, hidden and quiet, and that is OK too.


We passionately engage passion because whichever flavour we choose actually suits our need at that moment.  It’s when we lose ourselves in that passion that we are no longer master but become servant, obsessed and possessed by it.

Passion, and our engagement with it is what we make of it.  I for one, love to be in love with life, engaging and being engaged with and by it.  This doesn’t mean that I might not be swept away in a moment of negativity, which when used correctly becomes my teacher and guide back to the realm of the positive.  There have also been long stretches in my life when I chose to be as invisible as possible.  Each passion was somewhat obsessive as I consciously engaged it.  Each taught me something or guided me somewhere else.  I would never say that I have not been servant to my passions because when you are unconscious of them and how they work FOR you, then you are servant to them.  I would say that when I am consciously aware of my state of mind, I am in the position to master and direct my passions in a wholesome and emotionally healthy direction, enjoying all the benefits of passion.


My best advise is to passionately engage your opportunities with joyful energy,. Positively embrace all, learn from each of the passionate flavours as they show up.  Here’s to living fully, abundantly and consciously.

So, how are YOU master or servant to your passions?  Which is your flavour of the moment?

Enjoy InJoy


Sue Rumack lives her passion as a solutions provider to those who are ready to define their own passions, so they feel so right in their own skins and more fully connected to others and the opportunities of the Universe.  Sue Rumack is founder of Success Strategy Portal, the entrepreneur’s life strategies mentor / coach, author, motivational speaker and intuitive channeler.   Sue is also an entrepreneur with over 25 years juggling life experience in challenging economies.  For more insightful posts visit http://succestrategyportal.com/blog.  For current group coaching webinars and personal one:one coaching please email portalcoach@live.ca






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