Posithanks Vol. 1 “30 Ideas to be grateful for!” (Days 1 – 30)

Why this program could change your life!

Why this program could change your life!

Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 30 Today we are thankful for patience. It is often said patience is a virtue. How do we develop patience? As Eknath Easwaran says, “Patience can’t be acquired overnight. It is like building a muscle. Every day you need to work on it.”

Interestingly enough, patience is developed when we are put to the test; when we find ourselves in the thick of things; ready to burst. For example, what do you do when you are stuck in traffic? Beep the horn incessantly, cut through traffic. Or would you take your time. Bill McGlashen shares, “Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in the one head.”

Stages of Life

The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life. – Katsumoto from the movie the Last Samaurai

How about teenagers wanting to grow up too fast? Rushing to adulthood without savouring the rite of passages, such as driving a car, prom night, or first night at the pub. Each moment is meant is to be enjoyed and will happen in its own right time and place.

Many individuals were ready to retire now until the economy fell through. Now many are forced to defer their retirement. It is admirable to watch some of them absorb this disappointment and start over again. Every day they go back to working on replenishing their life savings and the challenge becomes is being patient to retire at a later time, not now, but assuredly, that time will come. This challenge also presents an opportunity to leave old expectations behind and welcome the present possibilities and what can be created in the present.

PIQ POSITIVE IMPERATIVE QUESTION: Where do you find yourself short on patience? Where do you find yourself rushing; just zipping by?

Sharon Torrenueva




Why this program could change your life!

Why this program could change your life!

Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 29 Today we are thankful for chance encounters. With a positivity lens on life, you are open to more possibilities and will actually have more meaningful and positive chance encounters….. you ask how can that be?


New. The ten benefits of Posithanks

Like a coin, chance encounters certainly has two sides to it. It’s been covered in books, songs and certainly movies like the Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston. On the one side of chance encounters you have the whole idea of coincidence and luck and you could probably add fate and that often used expression that it was meant to be….. in which case maybe it wasn’t chance at all? Okay… nuff said on that cat chasing it’s tale.

What I would like to focus on and share with you today is the other side of that coin. The chance encounter that comes from as much as anything, your positivity. Be it energy, initiative, or simply by starting up a conversation….. some of these chance encounters could be the basis of a lasting relationship or perhaps only the length of the encounter it self but may still last a life time. But often the parts of the puzzle of six plus billion people walking around the planet and having any two meet in a specific place and time which likely won’t happen again.

My chance encounter came on one of my Sunday morning bike rides. I’m not always on a time and distance deadline so on my jaunts I have made it a habit to enjoy and take in what I see, even if that interrupts my ride for a brief period of time. On my way back from a long ride, I stopped in a local park called Professor’s Lake here in Brampton ON. While sitting on a park bench and taking in the beauty I decided to engage this couple to my left sitting on the bench next to me.

Helmut Shiendenburger and his new wife 60 years and thousands of miles from the event that shaped his life

Helmut Shiendenburger and his new wife (hope I didn’t get the name completely wrong) are on their second marriage and also met on a chance encounter. Helmut was a native of Germany and had come to Canada as a young lad of twenty five right after World War II, without a penny to his name. In the space of thirty minutes…. likely longer we had covered many topics including his time spent with the German Army. I have had many a chance to engage a veteran from the allied forces over the years but this was only the second from the German perspective and the first who would actually talk about it at any length. It wasn’t the part that he served 3 years on the Russian front with freezing temperatures that burned into my brain, it was the part where he said, I was fifteen year old and sitting in class in school when a bunch of SS guards came in to conscript us on the spot. He told me he was foolish because he tried to resist, so they made an example of him and put a bullet through his arm. The Russian front was also a likely place to be sent for those who were not dedicated party followers.

So for me this chance encounter will last a lifetime and the first hand experience of hearing a human story from someone on the other side will stay with me always. I am thankful for his sharing, I am thankful for a new understanding on war and the casualties on all sides. It was a variation of the lesson taught in the movie the Last Samurai with Tom Cruise in which the point is made…. “know thy enemy”; of course the not so sublte message is that when you do, you can become friends. I am also thankful for the value my Dad taught me as a small child… never miss an opportunity to make the most of a chance encounter and engage someone in conversation and actually just listen. In life we are all in need of more of this, this being the second side of the coin on chance encounters… being open and positively engage in the people around you, or else silence and a missed opportunity may have prevailed and the world needs less of that. :>)

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Are there chance encounters in your life that you are missing. Do you miss the oppotunity to go to the local park, and when you do go, do you talk to no one? What chance encounter are you open to?

An inspiring story of two musicians, Rebecca Kleinmann and Vashti Sivell meeting by Chance Encounters.

Victor Sinclair

PI/PMI Founder



Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 28 Today’s topic for Posithanks is Diversity. “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day” ~ Anonymous – So how important is this topic? Well, an attitude of gratitude on diversity is essential for both our survival and happiness.


Few topics have generated as much conversation in that past decade as diversity. Naturally there’s a polarity of opinion not only on the acceptance of the notion of diversity but even what it means. For the positive imperative, diversity is inclusive and constructive, and absolutely essential to the open mind, growth and health. Diversity is growing, learning acceptance, sharing and caring and more of this. The alternative is simply not a viable option for the sustainability of a healthy world.

If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place. ~ Margaret Mead

Black & White ~ Three Dog Nite

The world is black, the world is white
It turns by day and then by night
A child is black, a child is white
Together they grow to see the light, to see the light

C’mon, get it, get it
Ohh-ohhhh, yeah, yeah
Keep it up now, around the world
Little boys and little girls
Yeah, yeah-eah, oh-ohhh

It has often been said by many a person who has lost their sight, that one of the fits of being blind is that all things to them are not black or white, fat or thin, young or old, fit or handicapped, they just are! No labels, no packaging, no qualifications, just enjoying people for who they are.

One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings. ~ Franklyn Thomas

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. What are some of the ways you can enjoy and embrace diversity today? Well you’ve already begun, when you start to simply ask questions! Where are you from? Tell me about your home? What are some of your celebrations and the things you love about them?

“First seek to understand…. then be understood” ~ Stephen Covey –> 7 Highly Effective Habits of Successful People.


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 27 Today’s topic is a great topic……. let’s be thankful for the weekends! Yes it’s TGIF and maybe one you have always entertained…. especially if you don’t have to work on Saturday’s or Sunday’s all the more reason to be thankful for weekends…. for those who don’t or only work a little bit it really becomes a new opportunity each and every week.

Most of us get caught in a routine Monday to Friday and quite often if there’s a long commute involved we find ourselves more often than not treading water… just trying to keep afloat with the weekly chores and preparation for work the next week etc.

Weekends are a time for either catching up or if planned right getting a head and doing some of the projects to move life forward out of that important mouse trap “living in the neutral” which is that part of life for those who procrastinate and put off everything from reading that how to book to actually getting our goals out and doing something about them. As in action. Not just thinking about them…. when you do that over and over again, you get to the point where you’re really not thinking about them, you’re living in the neutral.

Fun, is also an important part of the weekend and sometimes you can follow your nose and go where the wind takes you and at other times its important to plan the fun because that too gets missed all too often when the acitivity has not been planned out or committed too. For me for example if I am going to go on a 50 to 100 k bike trip I really do need to set my alarm because if I don’t and I sleep in then I’m much more likely “not” to go on that ride. Not to mention those days where I’ve committed to going and I know it’s going to rain and still go anyway because I’m prepared with rain pancho etc.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. So what are you planning to do this weekend. What are you committing to do? What activity or action will move your life along from the Neutral to the Positive?


Film boards like Manitoba's ask if you are controling the television and games you and your family are watching?

Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 26 Today we are thankful for the Power Of Choice…. it is this shortest distance between thought and response, and we are thankful for that awareness that is the critical difference between a Positive, and Negative… and doing Nothing….. a Neutral.

It’s always your choice. When you’re looking around in life and in particular at people who you think don’t have perfect jobs or certain careers and wonder how they stay focused and passionate and maintain a positive attitude. What drives their enthusiasm and their determination is their attitude. That’s what keeps them from reacting like they are caught in a routine and thus choosing to be mad, or negative. You choose your attitude every single day. If it needs to be adjusted, look inside and take responsibility. Don’t blame anyone else for how you react or handle certain circumstances. You choose. It’s your option. I often refer to the book In Search of Meaning by Victor Frankel as the quintessential book on choice……. why is that such an important book? Simple. It illustrates that even in a concentration camp, you have the freedom of how you choose to think and respond and by illustrating to all of us that power under such extreme oppression it leaves us the obvious conclusion that our burdens are easier and or choices are simpler.



PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Are you examining the notion that just about everything in life is a choice on how your respond? Are you thankful for the ability to choose and investing in a patern and practice of good decisions and the choice to be thankful every day?



What areas of your life…. have you overlooked the power of choice…… how about that you can choose to listen to Positive Music or not?


Have you listened to some Positive or Motivational music lately?



Film television


Many film boards like the Manitoba*, Ontario and others are asking parents pertinent questions like, are you making an infomed decision when choosing the films, videos/dvds and video games your family watch or play? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 25 Today we are thankful for our sleep, a time for renewal and time to relax a time to prioritize so we can have healthy positive days. It’s yet one more think that we either take for granted to are thankful for.

Sleep well, at least 6 hours and no more than 9. this is a must specially if you work in front of a computer. Try to take some time before starting your day to think of your plans ahead, your daily progress and for anything you maybe thankful of.

Sleep is also one more thing in this world we either take for granted or realize it’s like the guy in that old Fram Oil commercial… pay me now or pay me later. Your body needs a certain amount of sleep to rejuvenate, and if you are sleep deprived it will steel it back from you, like the guy on the right, whether it’s a full out sleep, or just many times a day where you consistently yawn and doze off, again becoming less productive, less aware and less living in the now.

Many books and studies actually suggest you can eagerly go into and out of the sleep process by consciously going into the alpha and beta stage and meditating. It’s also another way where you can live in the now.

For me, who’s the first person who needs to heed this advice, since we’ve been starting the Posithanks program I’ve been going though a review of the day’s Posithanks Topic and with my name pneumonics (another blog) have a list of things like my family and parents and significant others that I am thankful for.

DAY 24 Today we are thankful for our imagination. Positivity, creativity, and happiness are all found in the world of imagination. Yet in this time impoverished world, we often don’t have time for imagination. Gratitude for imagination is the first step in making time to Imagine.

Positivity and Imagination

Positive attitudes stem quite often from imagination Creating a positive impact in your minds eye lets you believe and feel good about yourself When you do that it adds to positivity in all situations. The Straight A student has a combination of part attitude and part aptitude. It really becomes that little voice in side that says to you to think big, and then your imagination has to kick in to give it meaning and make it real.

Sumantics of imagination

When is imagination, truly imagination as opposed to thinking or daydreaming. Likely we’re going to get into subjective territory here, but it’s likely somewhere in between the two. Thinking usualy has a specific question and purpose. Daydreaming while also valuable is letting the subconscious part of the mind take over and wander aimlessly quite often into the past and future. Imagaination starts with intent and possibilities and open ended questions and then egages the mind to wander in those directions.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Do you take the time to let yourself imagine. Do you take the time to explore “what if” questions. Can you think of some positive what if questions? Have you just started?


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 23 Today is a day to be thankful for humour, and those that share it and make their life doing it. It is because of humour that we so often laugh and smile, and we certainly know we in challenging times like these we need more of this! :>)

So you think that humor is only a very small part of life and may not make a difference? Then look at it this way if you really think that something small cannot make a difference- try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room. :>)

For me, having had the privilege of running a comedy show back in my radio days years ago, I had the privilege to meet greats like John Candy and even work with Jim Carey. I included many of the eras great comedians in the content of the show including George Carlin, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Flip Wilson, Robin Williams and the list would go on and on but of course I would have to include Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby

I grew up with Bill Cosby both as a TV star on programs like I Spy but more close to home as the comedian/humorist that I quite often went to bed with listening to all his great skits like Noah and the arc,

Bill Cosby has shared 5 decades of humor with us

Bill Cosby has shared 5 decades of humor with us

and Fat Albert and all those simple things in life like Buck Buck. As the years went on he continued to entertain with the Cosby show and a new version of Art Linkletter’s Kids Say The Darnedest Things, and a lot of his humour revolved around parenting with great skits like Chocolate Cake For Breakfast…. if you haven’t checked them out I urge you to do so. Bill is one of the thousands of people who share humor with us everyday and that we are eternally greatful for.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Is there something in your life, like the Readers Digest feature Laughter’s The Best Medicine that you can put into your life to uplift it a little more? Perhaps a subscription to an on-line humour of the day feature? Is there some humour you take the time to share with friends and acquaintances?

Here’s a link to a good place to get started! You’ll note is starts with positivity and gratitude. Hmm :>)


DAY 22 Today it is wonderful to be grateful for the joy of a child. If you are of the school of thought that we are wise if we are open to the teachings of a child, then this gratitude will fit like a glove…. if not perhaps you have something to learn?

Like most truths and words the word “bliss” has many connotations. In context today its use is to be applied to a child living in the moment oblivious of all of the outside concerns of the world, and going from second to second in complete spontenaity.

The Joy of a child

So there I was reading my book (yes still Michael J. Fox’s Looking Up)… almost done, and swimming back and forth in the lovely sate that my daughter gave me for father’s day and the first nice spring day of the year. Out of the corner of my eye is a six to seven year old girl, playing in front of her grandparents house all by her self. My first thought…. too bad my grand-daughter Kaydence wasn’t here to play with her…. but soon that thought was replaced by another….. this child was having fun, just living in the moment and was at this time in no need of playmates for she was blissfully going from one thing to another, most of which seemed to be quite trivial and of no real interest.

She would pick up a little pebble, pick up a twig….. do a summersault….. watch the squirrel, look in the sky and just twirl…… and twirl….. and no this wasn’t five minutes….. more like an hour and five minutes, but there was no question in my mind that she was having fun, and quite frankly so was I just watching and being grateful for the joy of a child.

Why do we miss out?

So doing something with this gratitude is part of the ongoing challenge of the Posithanks Program and of

So you think he's cheering an out....think again he's blissfully engaged in his imagination facing the opposite direction from home plate :>)

So you think he was cheering.... nope... facing away from home plate :>)

course one of its many benefits. As many of us know the inhibitions we go through in life, two of which are to look good and not look bad as two of our prime motivators in life, is actually what in many times kills life itself. Do you think this child was even aware I was watching, or if she was that she cared at all, much less cared what I thought of her doing her twirls and picking up pebbles. Bliss it was. So what about the rest of us…… is that why we miss so much of the living in the now, because our minds are saturated with scripts of future ideas, past thoughts and things that never come to pass?

Bike Dancing???

So you thought you would get a pic of me? Not quite up to bike dancing and self pics yet....

Well my “do about” came on my bike ride following my book reading where I went for a 20K weekend ride, part of which included going around the local park in my neighbourhood. Part of the bike bath goes very close to a maze of flowers and shrubs many of which have mini traffic circles…. and for some reason I decided to take a small detour and just navigate through the maze. I really got into the moment and starting bike dancing……. okay… so what is bike dancing… well if you took a very, and I mean very small page from the cross country motocross biking where the kids can through their wheels around etc. and then just think of gliding back and forth from side to side effortlessly to music… well that’s bike dancing and that’s what I was doing to many of my fave bike tunes including that 80s hit Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean.

Finding Adult Bliss in Gratitude!

So, of course looking back on the adaptation and gratitude of the joy of a child, must of looked pretty funny ’cause of course I was using my mp3 player with headphones and nobody heard the music so they just saw this guy riding around, bouncing to and fro looking a little crazy…. but do you think I was aware or even cared….. heck no…. I was experiencing the joy of a child for the first time in a long time and I was so grateful for that. (Next time I’ll have my phone along to share the pics :>)
PIQ Positive Imperative Question.

So are you prepared to not… not look foolish and experience and be grateful with the joy of a child…. if so how would you go about it or what would you do……. it’s Sunday and you have all the time in the world starting now and in the now…… what are you going to do about it?


DAY 21 Today we are eaternally grateful for Sping.

Though it’s been with us for a while and we may not have taken note of the slowly changing environment, now that the mildd weather is upon us, we are quickly getting back to the parks and enjoying the wildlife and welcoming the season of new life. Every year it is a new cycle of birth, wonder and endless source of amazement.


Everyone has their favourite season. I often find as you get older it seems winter takes longer, especially if you’re not enjoying the winter sports you did when you were younger. When spring arrives, not so much by date as warmer weather it is always welcomed with open arms as with it comes the ability to spend more time outside just relaxing and taking it all in.

There is something very awe-striking when it comes to simply walking up to a new tree and plant and seeing the first buds of spring. With it comes a reverence for mother nature that is overwhelming. You don’t have to put it into words, you can simply enjoy it as a feeling.


Spring is life

Spring is hope

So is love and happiness

Spring renews

Without spring life is forlorn

Spring is Nostalgia after bitter storm

Put spring in your heart

Alfred Greenidge

PIQ Positive Imperative Question How are you going to celebrate spring today! Are you going to share it with someone special?


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 20 Today we are thankful for time. “Time is free, but it’s priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” ~ Harvey MacKay.

Time is one of the most written about subjects and musically one of the most sung about. It’s elusive and you can spend your life studying it. Our lives are often reference with all the different metaphors of time. People have time on their hands, they have all the time in the world, they have no time at all.

Time is one of the great equalizers.

We can all be thankful for the beauty we see at any given moment.

We can all be thankful for the beauty we see at any given moment.

All things being equal, time is one of the commodities that are given to all people no matter what their social stutus or how rich they are. As C.S. Lewis put it The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. So while money and status does sometimes afford those who command it to have more discretion over their time, it still does not dictate the quality of time, or often the joy created by that time. Indeed that choice is given to each and every person.

TIme is all a matter of perspective.

To be thankful for time in any and all commodities is the first step to master time. You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present worrying about the future. When you are given a limited amount of time your urgency and priority of time is drastically altered. As PI blogger and friend Patrick has shared living on borrowed time with a large whole in his heart. “Now is the only time we ever have”, in his book What’s Your Expiry Date.

Thankful for past time.

Indeed one of the reflections we all face in life, is to be thankful for all the good times we’ve had and the many great memories created.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question If you were given a day, week, month or year to live, would you spend your time differently. Would you live life more on the edge, would you be thankful for the time that you had left?

With that thought in mind…. how can you live the Posithanks program and appreciate time uniquely today?

Further Reading.

The Power of Now ~ Ekhart Tolle

Father time is one of the great equalizers in life.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 19 Adjacent to our thank you for planet earth and mother nature topic is to be thankful for our ancestors. When you start to think about the grand scale of things and our place in the continuity of our ancestors it takes on a whole new perspective. One that engages words like humble, respect and stewardship.

Respect for our ancestors

For most of us if we spend any time looking back at our roots and truly understanding the sacrifices our ancestors made to create a life for their children its very easy to hold a great deal of admiration and respect and of course to be humbled in our struggle with the backdrop of theirs.

Ironically having lived in generations of a male dominated world we far too often examine the heritiage of our surname which of course is almost always male driven. For anyone actually doing their family tree, they are aware that that one line of lineage becomes fractional with every generation and in many cases the female lines getting lost because of changes in surnames. Indeed just going back the 3 generations you’re into twelve surnames, then twenty four and fourty-eight etc. It doesn’t take long and you are at the six degrees of separation which certainly brings a whole new context.


To be thankful for the sacrifices of our ancestors is certainly a part of the picture. The hard work and dedication they went through has left a legacy for us to life up to. If you have Russian heritage, African or Jewish, each one has a whole new set of trials and tribulations that we are in awe. Six degrees of seperation also puts things into a broader context that we are all related and of course when you see ourselves in the big picture and look at our own children knowing that there will be many new surnames for most of us in the coming generations it does give us a new perspective on where we fit. As our ancestors created a better world for us, we too and the heals of Earth Day must be thankful and mindful that we are the stewards of our children’s future and take that idea and give it the attention that that responsibility entails.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. In the context of thinking about previous generations sacrifice and investment in their children’s future….what thanks do we give and how do we put that notion into play for our children children?

Recommended book Walking With Your Ancestors

More books here. Big Sky Geneology

Recommended site www.ancestors.com


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 18 It’s Earth Day, and there’s nothing more important than being thankful for our planet, mother nature and all the gifts we have been given. This is a day of awakening…. we cannot take our environment for granted!

Most of the time, as I think I’ve mentioned before we’ll be using a theme of gratitude that is not on the coinciding day… ie: mothers day, valentines day etc. so as not to get lost in the shuffle so to speak of the obvious but rather acknowledge them on unique days. Earth day is an exception as was March 28th for Earth Hour. When you look at two of the principles of the Positive Imperative which is that Negatives do ten times the damage with ten times less effort and Positive take Ten Times the Energy to create fractional results, you can directly apply those thoughts to the environment. An oil tanker runs aground and…… a company illiegally disposes of chemicals and….. people through pop cans in the river and…. people leave cars idolling and …. well you get the picture.

The law of displacement works.

As with the focus on gratitude, you are less likely to complain. With a great amount of effort on diet and a long work out you’re less likely to binge, when you walk with your kids through the park with a few bags and bring home the plastic bottles and pop cans, they are much less likely to littler. The more you are living “Positivity…more of this…..being conscious of mother earth”….. the less you will likely to be to ignore common sence and throw out a plastic bottle in a garbage bin at McDonalds or other location when just a few feet away there’s a recycling bin. Lead by example and others are more likely to follow and yes that also works in reverse.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question? Are you a part of the solution or a part of the problem?

So today of all days….. don’t take your environment for granted…. be consious of leaving lights on. driving to the store when a family walk might be a brighter idea, refusing a bag at a fastfoot establishment when you’re just going to start consuming the food in sixty seconds, commit to riding a bike to work for the summer…. its cheaper, more healthy and in many cases doesn’t take much more time and yes the fringe benefit is exponential as mother earth will smile at you too!

Here’s some more thought, courtesey of Earth Day Canada….. get on board!

Earth Day Canada's top 10 actions to help the environment
Smart Shopping
  • “Buy what you need, not what you want”
  • Consider renting and borrowing things that are seldom needed
  • Buy used items from garage sales and second-hand stores
Simple Savers
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Use aerators on faucets and shower heads
  • Weatherstrip windows and doors
Transportation Alternatives
  • Walk, cycle, car pool and use public transportation
  • When driving, reduce idling and maintain correct tire pressure
  • Consider car sharing programs or renting
Food Choices
  • Choose local and organic foods that are in season, and support local food producers
  • Eat less meat
Washing and Drying
  • Wash full loads of clothes in cold water and hang to air dry
Heating and cooling
  • For summer air conditioning, set your thermostat to 24°C or 25°C
  • For winter heating, set your thermostat to 19°C or 20°C
  • Install ceiling fans and programmable thermostats
Close to Home
  • Vacation, travel and work as close to home as possible
Bathroom Basics
  • Take short showers instead of baths
  • Close water taps while brushing your teeth
Careful Cleaning
  • Choose natural, non-toxic cleaning products
  • Make simple, natural cleaners with ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and water
1 0
Don’t Discard
  • Donate, reuse and recycle items before throwing them into the trash
  • Harmful materials like chemicals, batteries, electronics, etc. should be taken to local hazardous waste depots or recyclers


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 17 Today we are thankful for technological connectivity. Perhaps of the many things we take for granted in our lives using cell phones, blackberries and the Internet has likely become one of the most assumed daily activities we use without even thinking about it.

Like anything else there are many pros and cons to the high level of tech we face everyday. There are some days we get overwhelmed and want to turn it all off, but on others we are reminded that the neat thing about all this connectivity is we can stay in touch with friends and family a world away, almost like they were next door. Chatting, blogging, thumbing, face-book, texting, msn and all the other messaging systems as well as voip and skype to name just a few have given us so many alternatives to keep in touch. Add to that status lines in Face book and Twitter and we have the ability to keep everyone up to date more often and with a single sentence.

Perhaps its not as krafty as writing a long letter, but at the end of the day we can all be thankful for the ease of which we can keep in touch as all this hi-tech tech does bring the world closer and for the first generation give us a global community.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Are you using technology with the positive intent to keep in touch with freinds and loved ones that are far away. How about to meet new aquaintences with similar interests?


DAY 16 Today we are thankful for SMILES! Another every day life event that when you or too many people around you life in the netrual and of course negative too you take smiles for granted, and even more importantly you don’t make an effort to give one of the simplest gifts of life in non verbal communication.

Some sources say it takes between 10 and 13 to smile and 33 to 100 muscles to frown. I suppose that’s one way of looking at it. Other input includes that if you’re not sincere in your smile only your moth smiles but not your eyes.

The Positive Imperative perspective….. more of this and less of that, or as I use to tell my kids…. good things make good things and bad things make bad things. To think about this. If you are thankful for something, you’re more likely to smile. When you smile, someone else is likely to smile back. When both of you smile both of you feel better and are likely to take that positive energy and move forward.

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile’ ~ Victor Borge.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Do you sometimes find it an effort to smile? Preoccupied with life and thinging about problems, and events in the future or past? Missing the everyday interaction with strangers or coworkers and not living in the now. See if you can consiously give out 10 warm smiles today and see what happens. You’ll be thankful you did!

Play some positive smiling music.

Your Smiling Face – James Taylor

Every-time You Smile – Natalie Cole

Smile – Nat King Cole

Sweet Sweet Smile – Carpenters

When You’re Smiling (the whole world smiles at you) Jake Leveque (Also known as old Labbat Blue commercial.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Just To See You Smile – Tim McGraw

I’d do anything
That you wanted me to

And all is said and done

I’d never count the cost
I’ts worth all that’s lost
Just to see you smile


DAY 15 Today we are thankful for the birds! Sunday morning is quite often one of the quietest times of the week and if you just sit back, live in the now you’ll be amazed at what you see……

Years ago I thought if I ever got interested in birds that I would likely be old and senile. Without addressing that question… lol… I will say that a couple of years ago when I took my son Richard on a canoe trip to Algonquin Park and was overwhelms by the number of birds, their many different calls and what has only to be termed Serendipity. Because Algonqin has both the southern hardwood Forest and the northern coniferous forest it boasts 272 different birds.

As we canooed through a back water way that was more like a small river amidst the hundred of lakes, there seemed to be more birds chriping more sounds with different frequencies, pitch, and tone. In a city you quite often have as many sounds but most of the time they are disonant and amount to clutter or noice polution. In this case there was harmony and it was more like a peaceful symphony. If you ever get the chance, do got to a place like Algonquin Park and take the time to just listen. One of Richard and my fave things to do on the trip was to leave the

campsite either early or late in the still waters of the lake and go Loon chasing. We found a couple with two chicks and just sat there and watched in the still quite of beauty.




So I’m about to go on my first 100k ride this season on the Trans Canada Trail…. there’s one near you, you know… 21,500 kilometers of it….. use it!…. and revisit some of the guiding trails and the many different plaques they have of the many different types of birds and when I stop for my fruit break…. simply listen and enjoy! Here’s a picture from one of my trips last summer where I followed a Hawk in free flight just catching the gusts of winds effortlessly mastering the skies. ~ WOW!

Okay… so I need a zoom… no I just wanted lots of sky! lol.

A great site to get you started.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. As Mac Davis wrote in a song once… Have You Stopped To Smell The Roses? I of course would add, have you stop to listen to the birds…… and say thank you!


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 14 Today we are thankful for personal coaches and mentors. Either as a professional or volunteer, Personal Coaches can help us get unstuck and on to where we want to be. They are quite often the solution to what is holding us back. Quite often the biggest obstable we have and the one thing holding us back is……

Ourselves of course… but I’m thinking you already knew that, because you know what’s holding you back and rarely is it truly external circumstances. For many of us, we can help all sorts of people but not ourselves, either because we don’t have the time, don’t make it a priority or have a hidden obsticle getting in our way.

We are thankful for the help coaches and mentors have given us to navegate the roadmap called life!

We are thankful for the help coaches and mentors have given us to navegate the roadmap called life!

Personal Coaches can either be professionally trained or simply a wise mentor in our lives that is always there to lend a helping hand, lend their ear, and quite often objective strategies. Paid or unpaid is not as much of an issue when it comes to being grateful for their help. Positive coaches and mentors are caring individuals of give of them selves to enrich our lives and to help get us from point a to b or sometimes a whole lot more and for that we should be eternally greatful and take the time to let these coaches and mentors know.

Most of us have had a choach and or mentor in our lives in some way or another.

Do you need a coach! This question is one way of answering that question.

A lot of the time we know what to do we just don’t know why were not doing it!

Why are coaches and mentors so important and positive?

Simple, our minds are very complex things. Many times we can easily see other people and their problems

The Johari window was one of the first models that showed people that they had a blind spot which was what others saw about us that we did not know about ourselves

The Johari window was one of the first models that showed people that they had a blind spot which was what others saw about us that we did not know about ourselves

and not our own. We don’t see ourselves in a proper context the same way we don’t hear ourselves. Do you remember the first time you heard your voice…. it wasn’t what we thought we sounded like was it. That’s because our ear/inner ear is inside our brain’s cavity and therefor the sound is not the true sound of what others hear. But our eyes are in our brain’s cavity too and even if we look in the mirror, it’s at best a distored picture of what is. And yes, that too is where our mind is, fettered in ego and scripts and all sorts of things that play to quite often get in our way. So do think about getting a coach either professionally if the budget allows or find somone who fits the build and ask for help. One of the most important lessons in Stephen Covey’s 7 Highly Effective Habits of Successful People is the notion that Interdependance is a higher evolution than Independance. While independance works sometimes its usually an approach that’s ego driven.



Who to get or approach.

Coaches and mentors are as varied as can be. Personal syles in important to be comfortable as is their value systems and the areas of life they focus on. There are all sorts of specialized coaches from fitness to nutrition to business and of course spirituallity and most religions have a host of coaches and mentors you can get from your local place of worship.

For me their lenz of Positivity is also a must, which is why I would recommend a couple that I know, and yes they are PI bloggers, and no they did not put me up to this :>), but if you click on their blogs you will find they are people of character and value based. That’s a great starting point. Patrick Mathieu and Catherine Graham. There are lots of other places to look and if they are or have take a coaching program should be another criterion. Lots of different cirtifications to research.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Have you thanked your mentors and coaches today! Have you thought of being a mentor to someone that needs a hand.


DAY 13 Todays Posithanks idea is to be thankful for our Dreams. The topic was going to go at great lenghth to tell you about this 47 year olds singer from Britain who will steal your hear and perhaps even get to to believe in your dreams again and that anything is possible. Well that said… PI blogger Catherine Graham also by coincidence was inspired by the same story. This is now what they mean by a viral impact in the Internet where millions of people see the same video in just one day. At any rate for the rest of the story read Catherine’s blog A Dream Come True


Trooper Karine Blais, just 21.

Trooper Karine Blais, just 21.

DAY 12 Today we are thankful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice and truly gave the gift of life. Karen Blais comes home today to be repatriated to the country she loved and served and the country who loves her back. Words are so inadequate at times like this. They cannot hear our sorrow, they are woefully inadequate to express our thanks and debt of gratitude.

Brig.-Gen. Jonathan Vance, the commander of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, said Blais had arrived in Afghanistan just two weeks ago. He praised the young woman's enthusiasm for the mission she was about to undertake. "She was an energetic soldier who gave 100 per cent to every challenge she faced using a unique sense of humour, based on her honesty," Vance said. "Frank and direct, she demonstrated the qualities of a future leader who was respected by all members of her squadron."

Some Catharsis becomes a part of the process.

It’s not fair, and not right to feel more hurt and be overwhelmed at the death of a Karen than a male, but somehow for those not directly related we do. Perhaps it’s the vulnerability, perhaps its the paternalist in us all, to protect women and children first despite women stepping up and not wanting special treatment. 21 Years old and only three years out of high school seems the extra pound of senselessness of this death of war. Though like many deaths of war it will to some degree, seemed pointless as do most road side bomb deaths. It will not really accomplish anything, except to remove another human in yet another death of futility. These thoughts are in no way meant to comment on the importance or justification of the mission as that is beyond the scope of this blog, except to try and capture the usual emotion of frustration and inadequate understanding of the necessity of tragedies like these.

The Purpose Of The Posithanks Program

The purpose of this post is really both the essence of the Positive Imperative and why the Posithanks program is so important. Please don’t confuse the word Positive, with easy or pleasant, though much of the time they are, the second tenant of PI is; that meaningful Positives take ten times the effort and energy to sustain as neutrals and negatives. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins often says that we either move towards pleasure or away from pain. As a society let moving away from pain drive us more than anything, and while that makes scene in a lot of cases, it negates to acknowledge our obligation and responsibility when it comes to a debt of gratitude. As a child and youth, going to remembrance day services I determined a good many years ago that missing a service was not an option and I drew a line in the sand and have never missed one. It doesn’t matter where I am, or what I’m doing I go. I have never had an employer challenge that. You see, the though of veterans going to a service to respect and recognize their colleagues who paid the ultimate sacrifice to show up and not have others show up also to recognize their ultimate service as well would just be wrong. Yes I’m sure there there are many that don’t go either because it’s inconvenient, or they want to avoid the pain and discomfort with going. That of course would be a negative….. and for those who just let the day slip by, that would be the Neutral. Would you believe on a couple of different occasions when I have been watching a news cast which was covering a story of one or more deaths in Afghanistan, I’ve heard people say, …”oh turn that off, I’ve heard enough of that news and its just so depressing.” Well just think. I person or people just gave their life for their country, and more people lost a son, daughter, brother, wife, husband, father or mother and a thought of avoidance of discomfort in the face of their sacrifice seemed more important. Debt Of Gratitude You see, that’s what a debt of gratitude means. We have the responsibility to thank those who have sacrificed. I for one cried a lot at both the thought of some other family losing their girl and being blessed that my three children all around the same age are safe and our of harms way, and are so because of those who have served our country now and decades ago. The continuity of service is ever present. IF You LIVE IN EASTERN ONTARIO. Where: 8 Wing, Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ontario. When: Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Some thank yous are tougher than others. Have you ever committed to a debt of gratitude? If not, when? If now what commitment? All the possible links you could ever want related to the Canadian Troops in Afghanistan are covered in this Amazing Blog. Called Military Mom At Home. http://militarymomathome.blogspot.com/ It represents thousands of hours of work by a dedicated mom and we are also thankful for that. WHAT CAN YOU DO? WRITE OR BLOG THE TOUPS! (Ironically…. they’ll thank you?…hmm). Your caring messages are greatly appreciated, and go a long way towards boosting the spirits of the entire military community.




Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 11 Today we are thankful for our work. It’s all a point of view, but when you aren’t working or have lost your job work of any kind seems like an oasis. Why then do so many of us complain? It’s all a point of view. Is it time to change yours?

Citi Group lays off 75,000, HBC Canada 1,000, IBM Thousands (TBD) City of New York 7,000, Domtar 500, and the list could go on and on… or you could just look at ADP Payroll which stated 742,000 less payroll deposits…. in March 2008 alone.

So be careful the next time you complain about your job, because somebody might be listening who just lost theirs, and you just might feel that quote in the back of your mind coming to the forefront… I once complained of having no shoes ’til I met a man who had no feet. That’s called a paradigmn shift and a rapid change in perspective.

Another way to be grateful is to remember almost always the generations preceding had it worse!

To Really Understand The Problem

To really understand is the first change in perspective that allows us to be grateful for our jobs no matter what they are. Loss of jobs bring on stress, depression, a loss of self esteem and yes even suicide.

The stress of a double income family depended upon two family incomes having to live on one puts a huge amount of stress on the family. For ideas on how to cope check out Dr. John Schinnerer’s blog.

How to Deal With the Constant Stress of a Battered Economy: Eight of Ten People Stressed About Money, Economy

Are you laid off? Some idease here.

How to face being laid off.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question.

Do you feel grateful for your job. Do you know the easiest way to express that gratitude? Below in this blog are the lyrics to Reach Out And Touch….. that’s all you have to do. Do you know someone out of work? What are some simple ways you could be of support?

Don’t know how to talk to them…. check this out.

How to talk to a friend who’s been laid off!

and even how to feel good about it!

Some Gratitude Ideas!

Give them a call, send them and e-mail, text or note and let them know you care. Offer to help with their resume, make job hunt suggestions, take them out to lunch, or have them over for dinner…. add your ideas in the comment section.


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 10 Today’s topic is to be thankful for our breathing. If ever there was a subject that far too many people take for granted it would definitely have breathing either near or at the top of the list. Like many things, it becomes an issue of awareness and it becomes particularly acute when the natural ability to breat is thwarted on reduced in any capacity.

Health http://www.lung.ca/home-accueil_e.php

It goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers go out to the many people afflicted with breathing and lung disorders, that range from Asthma to Parkinson’s and every thing in between. For most of us the fear of not being able to breath fluidly and easily can bring the onset of fear rapidly. It is the easiest thing to take for granted until of course we can’t then it all of a sudden it can consume 100% of our thoughts and actions. There are many ways we can participate in fund raisers and volunteer for the many not for profits that support breathing fuctions including the 1 in 5 people afflicted by lung disorders.


As plant earth gets warmer and smog days increase in number, the challenge for clean air breathing will affect more and more people, and less of us will have the chance to take it for granted. So an easy way to be grateful for the air that we breath of course is to also be committed to recuding our own carbon footprint.

Breathing and the community

Another way to be greatful for our breathing is also to invest the time, money and effort into learning CPR as we then become a part of the soultion standing ready in the community when a child swallows something and has their airway obstructed or a person falls down from a heatatack. The few second difference of someone close nothing CPR may quite often make the differentce between life and death.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. The best way to really be greatful for our breathing is to not just talk about but do something about it. Each idea above has some insight on how to respond on different breaking issues and allow you to be a part of the solutions. Are you?


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 9 Today’s topic is courtesy of Catherine Graham who reminds us not to take technology for granted and appreciate not only how they enrich our lives but those that dedicate themselves to the creation of technology as well. So you’re tech savvy, but are you techthankful?

Technology…. where do we start, its such a vast subject. How about contemplating the notion of the number of times we come into contact with technology every day. We’ll we’ve already started as of course you are using a computer and it is connecting us through the Internet and there is likely another thousand pieces of technology that sustain both of those things from the microchip to the router, to the technology provider like Rogers or other hi-speed carrier that bring it too you.

If you put your life into a fast froward movie, oh did I say movie… (you get the point) you would probably find yourself connecting to hundreds of pieces of technology every day and more thousands of pieces that created it. You jump in your car, you take an elevator, you look at your watch, … you still have a watch…. my bad… you look at your blackberry, and you’re walking around with a pacemaker….. after getting a triple bi-pass and 4 liters of blood all of which embrace literally thousands of other pieces of tech and hundred of thousands if not millions of people who created that technology.

Cursing the multitudes of technology is actually sometimes like shooting the messenger.

We have amazing standards when it comes to technology. We believe technology should be infallible and 100% accurate and 100% On Time and 100% Perfect, and 100% reliable and 100%… well you get the point. When it’s anything less than that we start to complain. Sometimes with good reason, sometimes not and sometimes unrealistically. Obviously technology and the companies who design and implement the products are accountable, especially when they have made promises and you have expectations based upon the money you have paid. Sometimes however we take it to the extreme and blow off tempers and go on tantrums. Sometimes we get mad for technology that isn’t even accountable to us as we’ve paid them no money and use their services for free. Think of how irate you may have been the last time Google or another web site didn’t work?

A possible new paradigm of thanks

Gratitude evokes the law of displacement, and the more you are grateful for the rapidly increasing miracles of technology the more you will also be tolerant. Many medical miracles today would have been obituaries just a few years ago. Many advances in communication have made the world more connected. Everywhere around us our lives are made easier and it seems a small but important blessing to be grateful for those who have created the technology and the often great jobs it does for us.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question ~ Our attention span is a tricky thing in the western world, but try and take this on and see how far you get. Try and count the number of items you come into contact with technology for a morning or even an hour and see what number you get, and then just think about the other technologies that went into their creation. IE: Plastic Water bottle…. plastic fabrication plant, plastic molding company, machine shop, tool and die company, parts companies…. deliver company water treatment equipment and machinery etc. etc. etc. that was just a bottle of water… hmm.


Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 8 Today’s Posithanks idea is to be thankful for and embrace New Beginnings. Many of us associate new beginnings with New Years resolutions, Easter is perhaps the most suitable day for new starts. Our third in a series of Easter topics to give thanks for.

You could debate between New Years and Easter as to which is the most suitable day for a new beginning and both would have their merit. On the other hand 80% of the effort is derived from 20% of what we do and that falls into the large amount of effort need to go from inertia into momentum. Truthfully we can be thankful for any day in which we actually take steps in the right direction. The best day to start is always today. For more on new beginnings go back to my current post.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tse

PIQ Positive Imperative Question?

What new positive directions do you want to start “TODAY”! Which ones of been on hold for too long and you’ve let the art of procrastination rule?

A Brand New Day – Michael Jackson

Everybody look around-
‘Cause there’s a reason to rejoice
You see-
Everybody come out,
And let’s commence to singing joyfully…

Everybody look up-
And feel the hope
That we’ve been waiting on-
Everybody’s glad
Because our silent fear
And dread is gone…

Freedom you see,
Has got our hearts singing so joyfully
Just look about
You owe it to yourself
To check it out

Can’t you feel a brand-new day?
Can’t you feel a brand-new day?
Can’t you feel a brand-new day?
Can’t you feel a brand-new day?

Everybody be glad
Because the sun is shining just for us
Everybody wake up!
Into the morning, into happiness

Hello world!
It’s like a different way of living now…
And thank you world
We’d always knew that we’d be free somehow

In harmony,
Let’s show the world that we’ve got liberty
It’s such a change
For us to live so independently-

Freedom, you see-
Has got our hearts singing so joyfully
Just look about,
You owe it to yourself to check it out


Everybody be glad
Because the sun is shining just for us
Everybody wake up!
Into the morning, into happiness

Hello world!
It’s like a different way of living now…
And thank you world
We’d always knew that we’d be free somehow

In harmony,
Let’s show the world that we’ve got liberty
It’s such a change
For us to live so independently-

Freedom, you see-
Has got our hearts singing so joyfully
Just look about,
You owe it to yourself to check it out


An Easter Family Photo from the 1960s.  More than just the memories start to fade.

An Easter Family Photo from the 1960s. More than just the memories start to fade.

Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 7 We continue our Easter Weekend theme as today’s Posithanks topic is Restoration. While it does seem similar in to renewal, there is also definitely more emphasis in time and energy to restore something to the state and condition it once was. By it’s very nature and the understanding of the Positive Energy needed to be created it’s not as easy as hitting a button… all though, once done, you would be surprised at how much better this Easter Family photo will look once you hit more…..

Restoration of a phto takes a number of hours and a lot of attention to detail.

Restoration of a photo takes a number of hours and a lot of attention to detail.

Our most common every day uses of the word restoration usually comes in the context of restoring a building, an automobile and quite often a piece of artwork. It’s usually understood that the restoration will take a lot of time an effort as well as attention to detail to get things back the way there were as authentically as possible.

Houses and buildings wear over the years and things like the weather elements take their toll. People are no different. For many of us life has dealt us a poor poker hand and quite often we don’t even have a pair. Abandonment, hurt, sexual or physical abuse, poor health, injury or the battles of life with issues like post traumatic stress syndrome have left many of us faded and only a former replica of the innocent and optimistic people we once were. Our resiliency has also suffered in the process.

One of the best restorative processes for our wear and tear is both forgiveness and gratitude. Both of them will allow us to accept thing as they were and are and move ahead as we would like them to be. However we can’t do that if we haven’t gone through the process and if we haven’t spent the time an energy to nurture and focus on ourselves.

Perhaps the biggest toll for many of us in society is living in the Neutral. That very act can lead us to wander and lose sight of what is important in our lives. To stray away from ideas we once learned and perhaps those which our parents taught. Things like Positive Values. Think of the people in your life that may have once held the values of optimism, and energy and have traded them in for pessimism and lethargy.

A picture from long ago and far away, from youth and years ago.  Sometimes it's not just the memories and photo that have faded but rather the fabric of who we once were.

A picture from long ago and far away, from youth and years ago.

Perhaps we’re talking about you and me. Can we acknowledge and be grateful for the opportunity, ability and intention of Restoration? Do we affirm commitment to working to recreate what once was. A forty year old perhaps should like like a 40 year old even though they would love to look like a 20 something. But years of bad diet and other habits like smoking or simply living a life of stress may have made the 40 year old look 50 or even 60?. The very neutrals of our lives conspire to join previous and existing negatives to keep us rapidly going in the wrong direction.

Do we understand that with those two forces against us, that we will have a very large battle and need to commit to time and energy to create the significant volume of positives needed to mobilize our efforts to restore our body and mind as well as values and habits of Positivity.

As Easter is a meaningful weekend for many of us for many different reasons, may you renew your heart and mind and enjoy this special time with friends and family. Happy Easter!

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. Are there some areas of your life that you would like to restore? Are you willing to put into the restoration, planning, time, energy and commitment? What are you willing to sacrifice or invest as the case may be? Please share your ideas in the comment section.


DAY 6 Today let’s be thankful for renewal, people, things and triggers that give us a kick start burst of energy. In my case, yes that a new road bike.

A bike can be more than just a bike as it is also a tool for forward momentum.... MS Rona Bike Ride here I come :>)

The Positive Imperative, is all about “Removing the Neutral” in life. That could be anything from being in a rut, procrastination, getting lost in time wasters and certainly from having a lack of passion.

So for me as I was in a bit of the winter rut, not always executing my time management properly and thus not doing my elliptical workout and letting that happen far too much. Last Summer I started to ride again and had been shocked to realize I had put my bike in the garden shed for 3 years and didn’t touch it. The problem? I LOVE BIKING ! So what happened… doesn’t matter, call it life… what does matter is back to the law of displacement……. more of this…… bike riding and less of that….. poor time management, priorities and excuses. So I finished my first 10k ride and I was exhilarated, wondering why I hadn’t started sooner.

Removing the Neutral is the first step.

There are so many places to begin… sometimes that part of the problem, people get overwhelmed, and when you get in that rut, the easiest, simplest reaction is to do nothing and stay in the rut.

Connection to the passion. Do what you love to do, it’s that simple. The hardest step… the first one.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question

What activities, actions and habit will bring you renewal?

Who are the people that are your cheerleaders and how can you engage them….(see blog below), things and triggers. Who inspires you to do more and be more. Note if this is not able to be done in the conventional manner, then, take the person’s picture with you, and place it where you’ll see it several times a day.


DAY 5 Today we are thankful for our adversities~……. it was a toss up between that and a new bike!

Here’s My Story

I was thinking all day about doing a blog on being thankful for getting my new road bike and what that meant to me, and then I got rear ended on the way home. Well that puts you to the test when it comes to the Posithanks program. I’m happy to say I think I passed, but I might not have a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I might have gone… why me…… things like this always conspire to keep me down.. etc. and gone into the pathetic self pity etc…… but gratefully since we’ve started the program and had topics like Michael J. Fox and his new book looking up…. it so puts the small things into perspective. Most of what we complain about really turns out to be nothing more than a paper cut or hangnail. If Michael can look at Parkinson’s and find ways to count his blessings… it really is something we can all aspire to be able to do.

So the moment I got hit that was the 30 second task at hand as I pulled me car over to the side of the road having been rear ended on the 401. The last words in my mind were ….. this is going to be great, and good things will come of it. Well the first was, the guy who rear ended me owned a contracting firm which is a large part of our client base where I work and a potential new client. Secondly when I got out with a no problem attitude you could just see the relieve on his face. I took his information down and we’ll have a coffee soon.

Later on the way home, I continued the attitude and successfully triumphed over the what it…. scenario that plays through our mind in these situations. What if I stuck to my usual route and took Dixon Rd. instead of the 401… what if I switched lanes and avoided it… what if I saw him coming, and took my foot off the break a bit and thus got a smaller bump, no damage and was able to just coast a little bit more so as not to hit the car in front of me… we were in stop and go rush hour traffic. Well you know where the what if scenario gets you…. into a complete waste of time and thought… so while I could not stop my habitual mind from quickly playing it out…. I put an end to the scenario by reminding my self that in that last case… what if I didn’t time that perfectly and he pushed me into the next car rendering my front end large damage and the car became underivable….. and what if I took Dixon Rd. and got into an even bigger accident… so that part of my what if script was gone.

On the way home however, the rest of the challenge still became overcoming I now have to get my car into a garage etc. before Easter Weekend and our trip to London ON. etc. but still all in all the thought process when very smoothly and we listened to Blue Rodeo all the way home and enjoyed the music.

A few blocks before home we crossed and intersection in Brampton called Queen and West. We looked to the right and there was a serious accident…. two ambulances, fire trucks and police cars…. usually a serious sign when you have that many that are staying at the scene. I look up back in the direction of our drive and over at the side of the road was a wreath where previously at this intersection last year a 16 year old girl had been hit and killed by a delivery van… in the prime of her young life…. and the process all made so much sense…..

I was completely at ease with life and counting all my blessings including getting rear ended on the way home!

PIQ Positive Imperative Question

What adversities in your life can you find to be thankful for?

Victor Sinclair

PI/PMI Founder


DAY 4 Today we are grateful for those people who we do not know the kindness of a stranger.

While we are always comforted by the support of our friends and those we know and love, sometimes it is a warm comment, gesture and reaching out of a complete stranger that moves us the most. I can remember the summer of 1985 when my first born Dawn at only 9 months old, had been flown by an air ambulance from Inverness Florida to London Ontario with a nurse and her mom because she contracted Spinal Meningitis. It was the loneliest moment of my life watching that plane take off. I jumped in my wagon for the long trip home, but I only made it to Louisville Kentucky before my Ford Wagon gave up the ghost. There I was with a wagon full of baby stuff and at the end of an extended stay in Florida (an extra week) and getting to the point where I was certainly tapping my resources when a local family who heard about my plight from the garage owner came along and bought my car for $300. I knew it was worth $50 scrap at most, but the generous offer at a time when I was so down, was such a welcome relief and something I will always remember, cherish and be so grateful for!

The best way to show your appreciation for kindness is to pass it on, and pay it forward. There are countless opportunities everyday.


Reach Out And Touch – Diana Ross

(nickolas ashford/valerie simpson)

Reach out and touch
Somebodys hand
Make this world a better place
If you can
Reach out and touch
Somebodys hand
Make this world a better place
If you can

(just try)
Take a little time out of your busy day
To give encouragement
To someone whos lost the way
(just try)
Or would I be talking to a stone
If I asked you
To share a problem thats not your own
We can change things if we start giving
Why dont you

Reach out and touch (Chorus)
(just try)
If you see an old friend on the street
And hes down
Remember his shoes could fit your feet
(just try)
Try a little kindness youll see
Its something that comes very naturally
We can change things if we start giving

Why dont you
Reach out and touch
Why dont you (why dont you)
Reach out and touch somebodys hand

Reach out and touch (Chorus)

PIQ Positive Imperative Question.

How will you show your appreciation for the kindness of strangers?










Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude.

DAY 3 Today we are most grateful for the men and women who serve as firefighters!






For many of us what ever preconceived notion we had of a firefighter, got drastically changed on 9/11. Many of us saw them as nothing more than guys who get cats out of trees, have community tug of wars with the local police and playing hours and hours of cards in the station house. But that all changed for us on September 11th. At that point above all else we saw heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice against all odds and in many cases against all reason.

A child's gratitude for our firefighters

PIQ Positive Imperative Question!

Make someone’s day!

If you have never tired this, trust me when I say it can/will be a one of a kind experience. It’s simple to do, and can can make a difference to the one you touch.

The next time you see a firefighter at a wedding, a donut shop, or anywhere else, simply walk up to them and thank them for their service and when you do that, watch the expression of their face.

Another option to show thanks to firefighters is to simply go the appropriate web site in your area and donate. For Canada check out the Canadian Fallen Firefighters foundation.



(DAY 2) Today we are thankful for Mondays. If you are among the 80% of the world that have a giant misconception about this day, this may be the most important thing you read today, this week or even this year! Why is this topic so important to your life you ask?

The Issue

Simple 20% or 80% of our culture has bought into the notion that Monday’s are awful and are missing 1/7th of their life.

Most touch points of the Positive Imperative revolve around choice. The choice to be proactive or reactive, the choice to listen to Positive Music or not, the choice to be Thankful for Mondays or buy into the pop culture of hating 1/7th of your life like the popular Boomtown Rats song goes “I Don’t Like Mondays” Some people start off their week down right hating Mondays. They are also quite often people who had their job, hate their work and in many cases hate their life. As the lyrics elude to when you hate our life suicide becomes a viable option. The challenge for songs like this is that while their is a cathartic approach that may lead one to question their attitude towards Monday’s all too often it becomes an anthem to entrench the belief which has the complete opposite affect.

Excerpt I Don’t Like Mondays ! ~ Boomtown Rats

(With the problems of the how’s and why’s)
And he can see no reasons
‘Cos there are no reasons
What reason do you need to die, die?
Oh Oh Oh

Tell me why
I don’t like Mondays
Tell me why
I don’t like Mondays

Then there’s the lyrics from

Monday Monday ~ Mamas & Papas

Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time.

So now that you’ve got me started on Monday songs… there is “Rainy Days & Mondays / Carpenters ~ Manic Monday / Bangles, Blue Monday / New Order, ~ Stormy Monday / Allman Brothers… well you get the point. Are we the person who hates our Mondays, because we hate our jobs and we hate our work, and we hate our life?

The Implications.

So here’s the issue. Just like negative self talk, we can either approach the first day of the work week with either a Positive, Negative or Neutral attitude. If we buy into the pop culture then we listen to all these songs and posters and buy into them. Are you one of those people who start counting the days until the weekend on Monday… 4 more days… then 3 more days? The rub is that puts you in a place that means you will not be living in the now and enjoying the present, rather you will be living in the future and waiting to “enjoy” life in 4 more days. Then what happens? You start subconsciously looking at the weekend as an hour glass of 2 days and an evening of sand draining to the inevitable I hate Mondays.

The Choice

So either you’re a living with a Negative attitude and hate Mondays, a Neutral Attitude which does not embrace Mondays but rather treats it like a means to an end… the weekend or you entertain the possibility of having Positive Mondays and embarrassing them. Mondays after all are a new beginning, a chance to approach life and work anew, a way to get charged up to ac

PIQ Positive Imperative Question. So how are you choosing to live 1/7th of your life?


Why this program could change your life!

Why this program could change your life!

Posithanks…..365 Days Of Gratitude. Your daily program of thanks

DAY 1 Today we are thankful for our freedom.

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