Posithanks ~ We are grateful for “AIRPLANES”

PosiThanks Volume 6 –> 365 Themes Of GratitudeTheme this week is 179 and we are grateful for AIRPLANES.


PosiThanks is the PI way of showing gratitude. And that's the Positive Imperative.Since the beginning of time it has been a dream of man to fly… nowadays, and after many attempts, we have wings! This is not to be taken for granted; travelling is made so easy and comfortable, the business world cultivated many benefits of airplanes, and the world is getting smaller and better connected. On top of all, we all know and enjoy the sensations of flying on airplanes specially that first time!

Posithanks  ~ We are grateful for airplanes. And that's the Positive Imperative. Leading to the modern planes many are to be thanked; like Abbas Ibn Firnas and the 11th-century monk Eilmer of Malmesbury whose both experiments injured their pilots. Leonardo da Vinci’s wing design of birds, all the way until The Wright brothers flights in 1903 were recognized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) as the Earliest powered flights.



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