Posithanks ~ We are grateful for “CHILDREN”

PosiThanks Volume 6 –> 365 Themes Of GratitudeTheme this week is 179 and we are grateful for Children.


PosiThanks is the PI way of showing gratitude. And that's the Positive Imperative.They can be noisy and annoying and naughty, but we love them and can’t imagine life without them! They are here to bring fresh blood and thoughts to the cycle of life, and sometimes to keep us from becoming too serious about life. We thank them for the joy and meaning they bring into our lives, for the endless possibilities they bring into future, and just for being so cute and adorable.

PosiThanks is about gratitude to children for this week. And that's the Positive Imperative.We take care of kids and educate them to make sure they get ahead in life, but in truth they teach us back many things; kids remind us of purity and honesty, they help keep us simple and humble and be lighthearted, and they also teach us to be curious and joyous – among other things…!

Kids; we love you and we thank you for who you are!



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