Posithanks ~ We are grateful for “CURTAINS”

PosiThanks Volume 6 –> 365 Themes Of GratitudeTheme this week is 179 and we are grateful for CURTAINS.


PosiThanks is the PI way of showing gratitude. And that's the Positive Imperative.Curtains or drapes and whatever falls into their category like sheers, blinds, and shutters… etc. were first used to block light and help find sound sleep, and/or for more privacy. Now they surf many purposes like sun screening, acoustical enhancement, and many other functions. And they can also be used as room dividers, so there is a lot to thank drapes for, indeed!


PosiThanks and gratitude of the week goes for Curtains. And that's the Positive Imperative.In addition to their obvious importance in terms of function in every interior, they serve a great decorating purpose as they bring warmth and a soft touch to any room. They lend a dreamy and cozy atmosphere to most spaces regardless of what colors or fabrics they were made of. So, they can balance any other materials and bring more harmony, texture, and interest into our surrounding. We love them and we thank them!



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