Positive Music for kids who out grew Barney!

From the day I gave birth to my first son almost ten years ago, I have incorporated music into his life every chance I get.  But I have to admit, it is getting harder and harder, the older he gets.

The once cool songs of Barney, Blue’s Clues and Teletubbies have quickly made their way into the ‘lame’ pile, and has been replaced with hard rock and rap.  And while I encourage him to listen to what he wants, I have always found it hard to show him why some songs just aren’t worth listening to.

For example, the newest Eminem song, Not Afraid, is loved by my seventeen year old step son.  And I have to admit, at first, I thought, hey, Eminem has turned around…just listen to this chorus!  (In case you haven’t heard, the chorus goes, I’m not afraid, to take a stand, everybody, come take a stand, we’ll walk this road together, through the storm, whatever weather, cold or warm, just let you know that, you’re not alone, holla’ if you feel like you’ve been down the same road’.) But then of course, the chorus is over, and the song drops a lot of the ‘f’ bombs and other language that is clearly not appropriate, and thus, I am back at square one.

And just when I thought I had to give up all hope of finding something without racy lyrics, profanity, without being a baby song, along came Abdus “AM2” Muhammad, the owner and founder of AMKids Music.  “I create positive pop music for kids” was the message he left in an email to me last week, and I thought, “We’ll see about that… I have become quite the critic in this field.”

BUT— wait a second, he was telling the truth.  Honest to God, good lyrics, that had my kids dancing around the living room, and singing along, and asking me for more.  And there was no profanity, there were no racy lyrics where a twelve year old child is singing about love, and heartache as seen in the Mini Pops.  The song we had listened to, I Wanna Be SpongeBob, was full of everything that my kids could relate to, and it made them feel good at the same time.

Abdus tells me that as a child, he was raised in a family that did their  best to shield him from the corruptions of the world, and he wanted to do the same for his own children.  Let kids be kids.   But as a writer, and producer, he found himself listening to the lyrics of teen sensations, like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and even the Mini Pops, and found that none of their songs were appropriate for anyone in that ‘in-between age’, namely the 5-12 year olds.   I’m sure if you’re a conscious parent as well, you find the same.

AM2 Kids Music has only released one song this year (our big favourite that I mentioned earlier) but is expecting to release the album, AM2 Kids 2.0 later this month which can be pre-ordered on their website.  And it is no wonder, with Abdus’ positive outlook that AM2 Kids Music will be going places.  Reading on his website, www.am2kidsmusic.com I see that this has taken parents and kids alike by storm, and they’re all saying the same thing.  Kids are excited about this, parents are excited about this.  Finally, someone is here to take the music industry by a surprise and bring out music that is appropriate for our children (and won’t drive us crazy in the meantime) and add to the few others like Lisa Monet our Positive Imperative Officer of Kids music on Facebook, to reach this important age group.

And as I sit here typing, and thinking of the day that still lays ahead, with dishes, laundry, homework and errands, I think, you know, I wanna be Sponge Bob too (well, maybe just a little while).

Until next time, live love and love life,
Catherine Graham
Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Author

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