Positive Thinking ~ Three simple steps to take control of your mind ! ~ Sarah Hopkins


Begin to Tell Yourself Whatever it is you Need to Hear

It’s impossible to feel good while our minds are being flooded with thoughts of negativity, worry, fear, judgement, criticism and self doubt.  How can we possibly expect to feel good while we constantly remain focused on all that is wrong in our lives and continue to expect the worst?!  The reality is, we can’t!

But what if we do not always feel in control of these thoughts?!
What if it feels more like those thoughts are thinking for themselves at times?!

For many years of my life I found myself completely lost in the incessant stream of thought, judgement and concern that ruled my mind. I was consumed by the constant mental chatter which was always there to tell me what I supposedly was and was not capable of, what I was and was not worthy of. I was constantly being reminded of all that I wasn’t, all the “mistakes” I had made and all of the things and people I had to worry about—often in relation to things I had little to no control over. I was lost in my mind for years trying to make sense of it all, trying to find consistent happiness amidst the nonstop mind chatter, trying to decipher where this incessant stream of thoughts ended and where “I” really started. I couldn’t stand the thought of my constant negative mind chatter actually being who I was and that those thoughts that were hurting me so badly!

I was extremely grateful to learn that although it may be considered a “normal human condition,” we are not born with the voice in our minds that is constantly chattering away, telling stories, judging, blaming, comparing, criticizing and assuming victimhood – this is something we’ve accumulated along the way; we are now simply the observer of these thoughts and with such awareness, they no longer have to hold influence over us.

I was also relieved to learn that this incessant mind chatter did not define me and was actually picked up along the way through all of our experiences, interpretations, and interactions with others, and the world around us. It’s all the knowledge and opinions we’ve accumulated over the years from others regarding what we, our lives and the world supposedly “should and shouldn’t be like.” So if you notice a little voice in your mind that always seems to be judging, labelling, interpreting and critiquing all that goes on, all that you do and don’t do—please know that you are NOT this mind chatter and it need not limit you! You are simply the observer of these thoughts that you’ve accumulated over time! You really can take control of your thoughts and write a new life script beginning today!

Now that you know these thoughts are accumulated junk from the past and are limiting your potential to be happy and feel good now as well as in the future, you possess sufficient awareness to take back your personal control and recondition the way you think and perceive the world day to day; here’s a simple formula to do so:

3 Step Formula for Taking Control of Mind Chatter & Shifting Old Conditioned Thought Patterns

  1. Stand as the bouncer at the forefront of your mind and become aware of the thoughts that come to mind including thenegative, self-limiting thoughts you’ve accumulated from the past. As you notice negative, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs arise, simply observe them without judgement and turn them away. Affirm that you recognize this as an old conditioned thought pattern that has arisen, it is no longer serving you, you refuse to see any truth or validity in it, and thus you set yourself free! Visualize yourself physically booting the thought from your mind. (In essence, this is you ripping weeds from your mind garden!)Refuse to allow the unwanted thought to have influence over you! Refuse to beat yourself up over it having been there! A bouncer would never do such a thing! The more you take this step, the less power and influence your old habitual thought patterns will have over you, the less frequently they will even come back.

    If I look at myself in the mirror and say, "I look ugly," that is going to make me feel bad. But if I look in the mirror and say, "I look beautiful," then I'm going to feel good. It doesn't matter if it's true; it's just a choice. You choose happiness or you choose to suffer-that is the whole point. ♥ ~Don Miguel Ruiz

  2. Replace all negative preconditioned thoughts with positive, feel good statements. Each time you notice a limiting thought arise such as “You’re stupid I can’t believe you did that!” or “You can’t do that, who do you think you are?!” after following step one: recognizing it for what it is and booting it from your mind—counteract the thought by immediately replacing it with a new and empowered statement such as “I can do absolutely anything I want to—the possibilities as endless!” And be sure to feel the feelings that go along with the statements! Even if it may feel “fake” at first, in time these new thoughts and feelings will become habitual. (This is you planting beautiful flowers in place of the weeds which were just removed from your mind garden!)
  3. Begin to tell yourself whatever it is you need to hear! In the beginning to tell yourself things that feel good and empower you, you are not only helping yourself in the present, you’re actually making it more likely that you will think in this more positive way in the future too. The reason certain types of thoughts flood the mind so easily is because they’ve been thought time and time and time again. In beginning to speak to yourself in a more loving, supportive, positive way you will actually change the way neurons fire in your brain, thus this new way of thinking will become more and more natural, habitual and automatic to you—ultimately replacing your old thoughts and feelings and redirecting your entire life.

The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our feelings, and the quality of our feelings determines the quality of both our present and future. We must expect and focus more on what it is we do want and less on what it is what we don’t!

Life is about choices, and when it comes to thinking the “Positive Imperative” reminds us we have 3.   The positive route which as the 2nd PI tenet goes take a great deal of effort.  The Neutral, simply do nothing and let our scripts and emotions govern our thinking like a sail boat in the wind.  The Negative, which is to in fact argue, fight and justify Negative Thinking as being right, which will only serve to entrench the Negativity.  However the surest way to live a “feel good life” is to take the Positive route and think feel good thoughts and to share your positive mindset with others! Begin to tell yourself whatever it is you need to hear! Let us take control of our thoughts, thus our feelings, and thus our lives. We possess much more power and control than we often give ourselves credit for!

Change your thinking, change your life………..


Sarah Hopkins

Sarah is a graduate in Psychology from Nipissing University and an advocate of Positive Thinking.  She has an absolute passion for Personal Growth, Empowerment & Metaphysics.  Her focus is to empower others to understand and control their thoughts and to master a Positive Thinking Mindset.  “If we can change the direction of our thinking, it is the fundamental foundation for changing the world.”

Sarah lives in North Bay Ontario, and devotes a great deal of time volunteering within various not-for-profit organizations. including the Children’s Aid Society.





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