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The idea of a complisong is really to create an opportunity to extend the existing concept of a song dedication.

What’s the difference.

A dedication, can be any song for any purpose, and often is usually a love song, much like the 60’s song Dedicated to the One I Love by the Sherielles.

The focus of a complsong is to take a positive song and send it to a person as a compliment.  See the poster for 3 examples.

PosiWord, complisong

More Feedback.

While Complison is a PosiWord that is a made up word we are not totally sold on it being the best word possible, so this is where you come in. Here are 3 possible options.  Let us know which one you like best….. OR if you have one that may be worthy of consideration, please add it to the comment section.

We’ll be using other places to solicit input so if we get a hands down favourite that’s what we’ll go with.  However if we have a two way race we may bring it back to have everyone vote on it.  Stay tuned. :).

Please vote for 1 of these three possible words or add your own to the comment section.  

Option 1. Complisong – Like the poster.

Option 2. Songclement

Option 3. Songify

Option 4?  Yours, please comment and add to our possibilities.  And thanks in advance for your input.
Victor Sinclair

PI / PMI Founder






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