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Positive Words Create a Positive Mind

Vocabuleverage, optimism, road-nice, accentuactivity, biophilia, vocabuleverage, joy, midsight, jubilingo, awe, outernationalist, exstatisfy, serene, positibilitarian, gratitude, forgiveness, yes, patience, perseverance, UPower, harmony and PosiRipple, are some of the many PosiWords that you can look up.   (see below).

Your own words are the bricks and mortar  of the dreams you want to realize.Your words are the greatest power you have. The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience.  ~ Sonia Croquette ~

Driving awareness to the importance of PosiWords in Positive communication.

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We must balance our natural human wiring toward negative thinking. Our brains are naturally wired like velcro for negativity and teflon to positivity. So become a possibilitarian and see something good in every situation – is what we have to do! Say 100 PosiWords before letting that negative one creep in.

Cheers!  ~ David Schmelzer PI Officer of PosiWords!

PosiWord of the week. And that's the Positive Imperative.

A Recent Study says kids hear 432 Negative Statements to 32 Positive Statements ~ Jack Canfield

Thus the importance of PosiWords! Part of the idea of PosiWords, it to use seldom used words in a positive context to replace far too often words in a negative context. IE: Mindful for Mindless or thoughtless as in to “BE” mindful to “accentuate” the positive



PosiWord of the week: POSIACTION


PosiWord of the week is PosiAction. And that's the positive Imperative.pos·i·ac·tion noun \ˈpä-zə – ˈak-shən\

Definition of POSIACTION
1: a positive act of will or an act of good will.
2: the most vigorous, productive, or exciting activity in a particular field, area, or group.

Examples of POSIACTION
– One posiaction can upset a cycle of negativity and create new paths.
– Posiactions need nothing but upower and a positive attitude!
– It was his posiaction that healed the whole family.

Posified (new) word




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