Promoting Positivity In A Negative World

Catherine Graham, Personal Coach Motivational Singer/Speaker

Catherine Graham, Personal Coach Motivational Singer/Speaker



PI Blogger sees Negativity responded to Positivity.


With the economic crisis that the world is going through, it is not surprising, that while doing daily errands and shopping, how negative the shoppers have been. Although it is not surprising, I am quite astonished how quickly these shoppers will try to make anyone feel just as bad as they are.

Irate customers need positivity to displace pending rage. Hostility rebuttal can lead to an even larger negative escalation and often leads to violence. Well done customer service person! 

The other day, while waiting for my supper at a local take out restaurant, I crossed the street, to check out a sale at another store. Inside, a man was harassing the worker, as he had been charged an extra $2.18 on his monthly bill. The kid behind the counter, spoke to him kindly, offered assistance, and corrected the bill, the whole time, being yelled at by the man, that this had better not happen again, and that this kid better get it right. People were gawking ( I included) at this show of negativity. The kid behind the counter smiled at him, and again apologized for the mistake. He told him that he would give him a $5.00 gift card, as well as take the charge off the bill. Again, the man, who was just getting angrier and angrier, yelled at the kid, “You think that is going to help? I lost my job, my wife lost her job and you think your $5.00 gift card is going to help us!?”


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