PROTO Positive Redirection of Thought Opportunity, by Victor Sinclair

Why can people who dedicate their lives to positivity or simply buy into to the whole notion of Positive Thinking, and Positivity still have many periods of their life dominated by negativity and sometimes even depression? Isn’t it ironic? It’s a fascinating topic and there may really be a simple solution.

So why do we need a new word created from an acronym? Well it’s quite simple. The more energy and attention we focus on the roots of positivity, the more the tree will blossom. Understanding this concept is simple, however doing it for most of us is anything but easy. Gaining mastery of this one idea will have a big impact on your life…..

So for many of us the following idea is quite simple. We are the thoughts we think, the people we keep company with, the books we read and now for many of us learning the music we listen to. While we get those connections, we haven’t put that concept together with the understanding of the second tenant of the Positive Imperative which is the Posiratio. (To see all three click here).

Positive Imperative ~ Second Tenant “THE POSIRATIO”

The nature of Positives and Negatives are not deeply understood by society. Significant Positive creations take ten times the effort and energy to create as a Negative and once achieved create three to five times more Positive effects. Negatives take ten times less effort and energy to achieve but do ten times the damage and Neutrals take no effort or energy and also create a Negative ripple effect and because of the vast quantity of them, also do ten times the damage.

What’s the gap!

So that’s really the issue, when you start to think of statistics like author/speaker Jack Canfield’s quote “kids hear 432 negative statements for every 32 positive” (and I don’t think that stat would differ for adults), coupled with Positive author/speaker Robin Sharma’s assertion that 95% of the thoughts we think are the same as we had the day before, we are all getting a title wave of negative ideas, thoughts, statements and images to try and combat. Many of these are like triggers, or a button to push. The trigger could be one of a thousand things; a driver cutting you off, a bill that didn’t get paid, you get to the bank one minute after it closes, you miss the bus, you forgot something again, any sort of on going conflict with a friend or family member, and the list goes on.

HOWEVER….. most of the triggers will be internal dialogue or previous negative scripts about your self image, or something in your past you’ve “failed” at, I can think of a hundred of my own, from a letter I didn’t write to a miss-communication that never got cleared up to almost anytime I repeat a small or large irritating circumstance like misplacing my car wallet or keys. A favorite of mine is to think I’m smart enough to time a trip to the exact minute only to find leave later than I thought or wasn’t realistic about the time allotment and then beating myself up like Jim Carey did in the movie Liar Liar. Now I realize there are many strategies to replace a negative habit with a positive one, however knowing that we have an an exhaustive supply of these scenarios some old, and some new we need an on going fix for the many variable situations these road blocks hit us when we’re not looking.

The end result in many of these situations, is that the first negative thought causes another and another, and may also cause negative statements and negative actions. Almost every time you see a person get mad or lose their temper its a whole series of these dominoes running just like a computer program to the point you can almost predict the next thing said or done.

The Solution

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Each line of blue balls represents a series of negative thinking habits. Once they are identified the balls turn green and the new habit redirects the thinking to chosen positive thoughts.

The solution to all important negative issues in ones life is really a large amount of energy towards the Positive Solution.  Neuroplasticity is the science of how the brain is wired and how it can also be rewired with great success in stroke victims for example and self-talk does just that.  Self affirmations and visualization is a simple concept that says you can train your brain into thought patterns that you desire, thus eliminating the ones you don’t want. This concept of using PROTO to interupt your negative thought process is by no means new. Anthony Robbins has used similar strategies and the word “soosh”, Napoleon Hill in his book Think And Grow Rich, used the term “Autogenic Thought,” other techniques have including things like wearing a rubber band and snapping it on your wrist to get the thought changed. The Positive Imperative is that you gain control of your thought patterns by any way which works. We also need a better vocabulary to identify quick decisive Positive strategies, hence the word Proto!


Action Plan

Negative dominos start in one of two ways. 1. A Negative Situation or 2. Negative thoughts or statements.

For negative situations


that are lasting more than a moment, such as you’re late for a meeting and you get a flat tire.

1. Catch yourself in the negative emotion, thought or statement. (Be aware as you’re saying it)

2. Say out loud or to yourself the word Proto.

3. If there is still a negative issue to be dealt with use the question “how can I use this delima to learn and grow, or other positive interpretations and positively redirect your thoughts to the oppotunity to (benefit from this situation).


Negative thoughts or statements.

IE: Why do I screw up all the time….. I’m such an idiot….. etc.

1. Catch yourself in the negative emotion, thought or statement. (Be aware as you’re saying it)

2. Say out loud or to yourself the word Proto.

3. If there is no real issue at hand and it’s just a negative recrimination and useless, simply go on to your positive thoughts and move on and Positively redirect your thoughts to the opportunity to stay in a positive frame of mind or think of 3 things you are grateful for. ie. family health and freedom.


A Caution for you. There is a real danger in today’s world that we instantly “get it” and then move on but then don’t actually do the work, but fail to take in the fact that if you don’t do the work nothing will change.

“Most of the time, people know what they need to do,

they just don’t know why they’re not doing it.”

~ Bob Proctor

So the danger or gap once again is that you may get what’s just been said, but then trick yourself into believing that “YOU” really don’t need to do it yourself ’cause you get it, and therefore don’t have that issued.

PIQ Positive Imperative Question Like anything else, the more you practice this concept the more you master it. Will you start consciously using the word Proto? How will you remind yourself to us it?

Yours  Positively

Victor Sinclair

Victor Sinclair is the founder of the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative, has a wide background in teaching, broadcasting, the music industry and business and currently has  his own sales & marketing company.  Victor also served as a founder and Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada).

He has also dedicated more than 30 years of his life to volunteerism and not for profits including Big Brothers, Memorial Boys and Girls Clubs, Minor Leagues Sports and as a President and board member of several not-for-profit boards, and his longest association has been with St. Leonard’s Society of Canada, London and Peel.




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