Robin Williams legacy is his Positive Voice

Robin Williams, Patch Adams, Positive Imperative

Robin Williams legacy is his Positive Voice, the question is how to find it?  Positivity has an erroneous attribute by many that everything is a Pollyanna approach to smooth life’s bumps in the road.  Far from it.  A big part of holistic positivity is really how to respond positively in an often negative world.  Such is the case when we loose a friend like #RobinWilliams.  We are all witnessing, the magnitude of the pouring out of spontaneous affection I’m reminded of the shock of the passing of John Lennon, Lady Diana, Michael Jackson who also brought humanity to the reality of its own mortality.

So in addition to his most prized legacy of his family lets us all share in the humanity with which he touched us by coming to the aid of Christopher Reeves, his countless acts of kindness and charity.  Like Lennon and Jackson he will remain with us for the rest of our lives and on to new generations as his films get played over and over.

Robin Williams, Positive Imperative


His Voice was his movie roles. 

His truest gift I believe was his voice.  He gave his voice to the insanity of war in Good Morning Vietnam.  He gave his voice to single dads in Mrs. Doubtfire while making most of us pee our pants with laughter.  His voice stood for the culture shocked immigrant in Moscow on the Hudson. His voice rekindled our inner-child with Hook, Popeye, Jack, Jumanji and Aladdin.  Courageous enough to take on unpopular roles his voice stood for the disenfranchised and homeless in the Fisherking,  Mental health was a recurring theme as he lent his voice to the Awakenings and for the obsessive compulsive turned psychotic in One Hour Photo and included hope in his journey from a psychiatric hospital to medical school as is voice stood for compassion in medicine in Patch Adams.  Alternative lifestyles received a warm and hilarious voice to express our humanity in the Birdcage,    For me he also gave a voice to the passion for education and making the most of life as he reminded us with his Carpe Diem line in Dead Poets Society.  His legacy film will most certainly be his academy award winning performance in Good Will Hunting. It will stand as a classic work of art and be remembered as his voice stood for compassion and redemption.

His 3rd Legacy

After his family and his voice, Robin Williams’ third legacy will be to have given a voice and face to the battle with depression, mental health and suicide. In one week the topic has moved from an often never spoken about, to the top of everyone’s mind with an outpouring of acceptance and support. This will save many lives for sure, as the topic is no longer taboo.  Out of all the countless celebrities that have taken their own lives including his costar from Patch Adams, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, or even Glee star Corey Monteith, non of them have created such an avalanche of both discussion and support for those in crisis.  No longer is the suicidal faceless victim, now he’s somebody we all love and admire and can relate to.

Full Circle 

It is with such sad irony, that the first voice I grew to love of Robin’s that of Nanoo Nanoo…..Mork from Ork, (Mork and Mindy), included an ending improved dialogue between himself, an alien, and his boss Orson, where he insightful dissected humanity and our often ironic nature.  It would seem his insight on the price to pay for fame was perhaps a vision he knew oh so long ago.  Thank you for your voice, and humanity Robin, you raised the bar on love and compassion!


Victor Sinclair; founder;
Positive Imperative
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