The answer to some questions may be best answered by your inner child. ~ By Kristen Bezemer

What are some of your biggest Questions?

question_x3There are many questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Why do certain things happen in life? Why do others hurt us? When does life get better? Why can’t I make more money? Why am I not happy? What is my purpose in life? And the list goes on… In today’s society we are told that life is hard, only the lucky ones get to live a happy life, only the rich get richer, and dreams rarely ever come true. The good news is that these questions we ask ourselves are the key to finding our true purpose, because lets face it, without a question there would never be an answer.

The truth of the matter is we all have a different path in our lives and we all go through certain things for a reason, yes that means your traumatic childhood, or losing a loved one, or all the hurt we have felt… Why you ask?  Because these are all lessons to help us grow and become wiser individuals. I know this is a lot to grasp all at once but once we learn to understand this aspect we can then move forward onto living the life we have always desired… You see the problem in this day in age is most people take things that happen in their lives in a negative way instead of embracing the positive and growing from each experience. What most do not understand is that our thoughts control the outcome of our future, so if we constantly dwell on all the bad things in our lives we will continue to attract the same outcomes into our future.
We are all different individuals and we all have different beliefs, but essentially whatever we believe as an individual is correct. If you look at a innocent child who lives in joy, imagination and love, they don’t understand how to think negatively because they all they care about is having fun and being happy, therefore their desires manifest very quickly because in their minds they have no doubt in their mind that it will come true. If you think back to your childhood dreams do you not agree that most of them have come true?


As we grow we tend to lose our inner child because society makes us feel like we have to grow up and stop having fun, when really holding onto that joy within us is the biggest factor into manifesting our dreams.  But if you open your heart you can actually rekindle your inner child.  Open up your sense of play.  Remember when you were a kid and it was okay to be silly?  Be silly again, sing loud in the shower, dance like nobody’s watching, start doing craft work and art again.  Create a vision board and cut out and make all those ideas, pictures and phrases that bring you joy.  Just making a vision board takes you back and ignites that spark when you had art class in public school and we use to past pictures on bristle board for our projects.   Here’s my vision board.  You can do one too…. all about what’s important to you, and you can include ideas that are your dreams.

kristen bezemer vision board

However, life isn’t suppose to be hard or hurtful, I mean yes we will go through many obstacles and hurt many times within our lifetime but there is significant reasoning for all of that and if we understand and take every situation in a positive way and most importantly have faith things will work out, they eventually will… If we all learn to follow our true hearts desires, do what really makes us happy, count each and every blessing, and most importantly start believing in ourselves, we will all find that absolutely anything is possible in this lifetime….Once we find the joy within ourselves, we will soon find the joy within everyone else…So stop sweating the things in life we cannot control, appreciate all that you have now because it could certainly be a lot worse, and remember if certain things don’t work out in our lives, it’s only because there is something far beyond our expectations, waiting for us to find…

The other day I read this remarkable quote I thought I should share in conclusion to this blog,

“If you are struggling to find your purpose try following your passion for it shall lead you in the direction of your true purpose.”

We only live once on earth so we might as well make the absolute best of it and remember you create your own destiny!!!

Love always,

Your  Guardian Angel

!~Kh@risma!~ aka Kristen
Kristen Bezemer was born and raised in Brantford, On.   She has spent the recent years of her life teaching people how to respond to life’s challenges though her motivational writings called Your Guardian Angel.  She knows first hand as she lost her brother Justen who was also her music partner and best friend to suicide.  She now spends her efforts raising funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.  In her spare time she devotes her time to the love of her life, her four year old son named Xavier Michael Justen.

The second love of her life is music as a singer songwriter and vocalist for the band Innersha and a founding member of the Positive Music Imperative.   Her desires are simple;  through her words, music and by example, to inspire others to follow their dreams but most importantly to believe in themselves.



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